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Our Expertise | Research Innovation Office

As one of the forces driving innovation at the University of Guelph, the Research Innovation Office fosters a dynamic ecosystem to empower and advance research endeavours along the innovation pathway, facilitating the transformation of discoveries into impactful, real-world outcomes. 

With diverse expertise, our team operates in an integrated manner, leveraging our unique skills and expertise to achieve common goals for advancing research and fostering innovation within the university and our broader community. 

Technology Transfer

From disclosure to product, our Technology Transfer Team support University of Guelph faculty and students in patenting and licensing their inventions and discoveries. Experts in safeguarding intellectual property, especially plant germplasm, they'll guide you through the process from protection to commercialization.

Industry Research Partnerships

As the catalyst for collaboration, our Industry Liaison Team connects visionary companies with the exceptional minds at the University of Guelph to forge partnerships that transcend boundaries and drive innovation. Leveraging a broad network, both on and off-campus, and their deep understanding of what it takes to launch research projects, they excel at facilitating connections between companies and U of G researchers for their mutual benefit and to help meet industrial, environmental, and societal challenges.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Through a dynamic blend of innovative thinking, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge resources, our New Venture Creation Team empowers you to transform their research into impactful ventures. We foster research entrepreneurship among students and faculty by providing guidance on everything from idea inception to business development, facilitating the bridge between academia and the marketplace.

Knowledge Mobilization

Our Knowledge Mobilization Team translates research into practical use by crafting and executing strategies. Through various programs and initiatives, they assist researchers in making their research findings accessible to relevant parties, including government, industry, and the community, informing evidence-based decision-making, policies, and practices. By facilitating effective communication between organizations and academic researchers, the knowledge mobilization team is promoting two-way relationships that enhance the overall impact and uptake of research outcomes.