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Tips for Grant Writing Success

Grant writing is a challenging but necessary part of being a university researcher. To help you through the process, we asked members of the Research Innovation Team to share their top tips for writing grants that win funds.

Photo of Dr. Mansel Griffiths and Dr. Maira Medellin-Peña

Innovative biopeptide technology wins Innovation of the Year Award

The University of Guelph has selected Dr. Mansel Griffiths as the 2018 Innovation of the Year Award Winner. Griffiths received the award for pioneering the use of probiotics to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, enhancing the health and welfare of livestock.

The biopeptide technology has immense potential to improve life for humans as well - ultimately, the technology is intended to expand into human health sciences. Medical doctor Maira Medellin-Peña was also recognized for her contribution to the innovation.

Celebrating food items created at U of G for Food Day Canada

Food Day Canada is an annual celebration of Canadian food, this year falling on August 4, 2018. The University of Guelph regularly pushes the boundaries of food innovation, and to celebrate our country's bounty this year, the Research Innovation Office is enjoying five food items created right here at U of G.

1. Yukon Gold potatoes were first bred at U of G by Gary Johnston in 1966. Read more about Yukon Gold potatoes at U of G.

Innovation of the Year Award - 2018

The Research Innovation Office is pleased to invite nominations for the Innovation of the Year Award - 2018.

The University of Guelph has a long history of innovative research that improves life and encourages creativity, innovation, and translation of knowledge for the greatest possible benefit of society. This includes the development of products or services from innovations created at the University. 

Accelerator Guelph featured in Food in Canada magazine

The University of Guelph has launched Accelerator Guelph to help the university's researchers commercialize their often innovative agri-food ideas

Since university researchers can happen upon some truly innovative ideas in agri-food, the University of Guelph wants to help them get those ideas to market.

New U of G Accelerator to Launch Agri-Food Ideas, Innovations

The University of Guelph today launched a new initiative to turn cutting-edge agri-food innovations into products and applications that will improve life and help grow the economy.

The announcement was made during an “innovation showcase” that featured leading-edge U of G agri-food projects and was attended by University, industry and government officials, including MP Lloyd Longfield and MPP Liz Sandals.

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