“Sober Girl Summer” with Project SOY Plus winners Femme Botanique

From growing interest in adding more moderation to drinking habits to exploring tasty alternatives to alcohol, there are a lot of reasons to explain the recent $2 billion boom in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. But few products on the market exist in the overlap between non-alcoholic beverages and functional foods (i.e. foods with additional health benefits).

RIO Recruiting for Market Research Assistant

Student Employment Opportunity - Summer 2022

Working closely with the Technology Transfer Manager, Germplasm, the incumbent will conduct an industry overview (farm to fork value chain analysis focused on the industry within Ontario) for up to three agricultural crops within Ontario. The analysis will include both primary and secondary market research and the information will be used to inform future intellectual property and marketing strategy within the germplasm portfolio of the Research Innovation Office.

Istvan Rajcan Recognized with 2022 Plant Breeding and Genetics Award

From first cross to an established variety, developing a new crop variety is a 10-25 year process. It requires commitment, patience, in-depth knowledge and skill, all of which Dr Istvan Rajcan has demonstrated time and again in his work as a professor of Soybean Breeding & Genetics at the University of Guelph. Dr Rajcan was honoured as 2022’s Plant Breeder of the Year, an award presented by SeedWorld Group, sponsored by Germination and Seeds Canada.

Introducing the IP Education Program – IP Foundations Module

Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical and growing part of the global innovation economy. The development of intellectual property has helped create many technologies, services, and medicines that improve life, and also helps to generate wealth for people, companies, and countries. The protection and utilization of IP is important for entrepreneurs and start-up companies, but literacy in the language of IP is a skill that is useful to everyone functioning in the modern world.

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