Introducing the IP Education Program – IP Foundations Module

Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical and growing part of the global innovation economy. The development of intellectual property has helped create many technologies, services, and medicines that improve life, and also helps to generate wealth for people, companies, and countries. The protection and utilization of IP is important for entrepreneurs and start-up companies, but literacy in the language of IP is a skill that is useful to everyone functioning in the modern world.

FloNergia team pictured at tradeshow

FloNergia’s Five Year Journey with U of G

FloNergia is making waves in the aquaculture and water purification sectors with energy efficient airlift pumps that were created using the research of Dr. Wael Ahmed. Even before this Canadian start-up incorporated in 2016, the Research Innovation Office (RIO) was actively supporting Dr. Ahmed and FloNergia to help them to navigate toward success. Today – just five years after formation – FloNergia is a global company with distributors in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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