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Logo for "Project Soy Plus" with a light bulb symbol containing a green leaf inside. The tagline reads "Sustainable Opportunities For You" positioned below the main logo text.

Project SOY Plus

For over 25 years University of Guelph students across varied disciplines, diploma/degree levels, and campuses have been developing new plant-based product concepts and marketing plans, first through Project SOY and later Project SOY Plus. The competition challenges students to innovate using plant-based species and look towards a more sustainable future with more diversified uses and markets for crops. 

In 2023, Project SOY Plus evolved to focus on a yearly theme of sustainability centered. For the 2025 competition, the theme is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and Life on Land (SDG 15). Students are encouraged to bring ideas that promote innovative solutions for ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition, and ensuring sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems.

Students may choose to be involved in Project SOY Plus as a competitor (with the chance at cash prizes!) or may apply to help facilitate the competition as a Student Coordinator, while faculty mentors can offer competition teams support and advice.

As well, the competition has grown to include a Creative Stream where students are challenged to imagine creative projects and works that explore the theme. Proposals can describe creative projects that draw aesthetic, material, and metaphoric lines of connection between the theme, innovation, and research. The scope of submissions is broad and includes sculptures, paintings, prints, mixed media, photography, video art, poetry, written works, plays, and music.

Visit the Research Innovation SharePoint for more information on joining Project SOY Plus. 

Project SOY Plus Legacy

Project SOY Plus has been proud to partner with several innovative organizations throughout its history. These partnerships highlight our community's passion for a sustainable future, both through exploring new product and market opportunities, and in connecting with and developing a future workforce with the skills and mindset to tackle challenges.

Two individuals from the Foraged Teas team at the Project SOY Plus finale engage in conversation with a member of the public. The setting is indoors, with informational posters on stands in the background.
I would describe Project SOY Plus as very much like a challenge. I find that the best solutions can only come up when there’s a problem or there’s a challenge, and we were challenged with sustainability.

William Cheng
2023-2024 Winner - Undergraduate Category | Foraged Teas

Past Winners

Diploma Category

  1. Scrappy Snacks: Jade Simpson | Professor Chris Gillard

Undergraduate Category

  1. Foraged Teas: William Cheng, Nicholas Dernovsek and Samantha Heard
  2. Zeth Bags: Oderay Bastidas and Krupa Thakkar
  3. Oatstanding: Jessica Collier, Vanya Khanna, Christine Rivera, and Manahil Zaid

Graduate Category

  1. Mogu: Henry Koekuyt, Weilun Lin, and Jacqueline Nguyen | Dr. Alejandro Marangoni
  2. NaturePatch: Ayush Chawla, Thelma Dalmeida, and Anagh Vaidya | Dr. Ruben Burga
  3. EcoFiber: Abimbola Ayeni, Brock McKenzie, and Siddhi Pandey | Dr. Ruben Burga

Undergraduate Category

  1. YOU-tensils: Jack Krempulec, Bridget Neilson, Emery Soos and Sara Warner | Dr. Laura Brown

Graduate Category

  1. Microalgae: Daniel Pulcina and Hanxiao Wu | Dr. Yang Xu
  2. Nutri-Secure: Anushka Massey, Arshia Shireen and Jessica Ulbikas | Dr. William Bettger

Diploma Category

  1. ECO OSB: Nicole Hiddema | Professor Mike Gladstone

    Environmentally conscious oriented strand boards made from corn crop debris.

Undergraduate Category

  1. The Green Duck: Tiffany Siu, Kaylie Mitchell, Wanxin Xue, and Laura Hanley | Dr. Lisa Duzier

    A plant-based protein chip made of duckweed and spent greens.

  2. A-maize-ing Bio Blisters: Nicole Harder, Jeffrey Lim and Susan Debevc | Dr. Manjusri Misra and Dr. Amar Mohanty

    Biodegradable and plant-based blister package.

  3. Protégo: Olivia Lennon | Dr. Lisa Duzier

    An all-natural cream designed specifically for use on tattoos with functional and environmental benefits.

Graduate Category

  1. FemmeBotanique: Brooke Adams, Karlie Pluim, Kyra Scott and Rachel von Holt | Dr. William Bettger

    A woman-owned non-alcoholic functional gin beverage.

  2. Sentinel Packaging - DropDeter: Peter Zytner, Ehsan Pasaranhajiabbas, Fatemeh Jahangiri and Aarsha Surendren | Dr. Manjusri Misra and Dr. Amar Mohanty

    A biodegradable alternative to shock indicators to protect packages and shipment.

Diploma Category

  1. THCV Products: Jackson Taylor, Jamie Herrington, Joseph Gruber and Tyler Curtis | Professor Chris Gillard

    THC-infused dietary dietary supplement.

Undergraduate Category

  1. SOY Salve: Olivia Lennon and Sayan Ladhani | Dr. Lisa Duizer

    Anti-chafing cream. 

  2. Soy-aids: Abbey Chan, Hanika Saini, Hillary Lo and Krupa Thakkar | Dr. Loong-Tak Lim

    Biodegradable bandage.

  3. SOYL Sustainable Products: Peter Zytner | Dr. Manjusri Misra and Dr. Amar Mohanty


Graduate Category

  1. Culture Plant: Dominique Mastronardi and ThiênAn Gillespie | Dr. Manickavasagan Annamalai

    Chickpea Yogurt.

  2. Soja Eyewear: Aarsha Surendren and Benjamin Maldonado | Dr. Manjusri Misra and Dr. Amar Mohanty

    3D Printed Glasses.

Diploma Category

  1. B-GON Biodegradable Plastic Mulch: Riley Sharp | Professor Chris Gillard

    plastic mulch made from corn and potato starch that biodegrades after eight weeks.

  2. Soybean's 'Miracle' Facemask: Christel Andrade | Dr. Milad Eskandari

    An economical and effective plant-based product.

  3. Jug-o-Juglone: Michael Cushing | Professor Mike Gladstone

    herbicide using a phytotoxic chemical from black walnut.

Undergraduate Category

  1. Happy Waffle: Domenique Mastronardi, Happy Waffle | Dr. Mario Martinez

    A plant-based toaster waffle created with juice pulp, potatoes and soybeans.

  2. Buriderm: Loretta Higgins and Amanda Crerar | Dr. William Bettger

    A plant-based hydrogel.

  3. ChocoBitez: Sharon Dadhwal and Nicole Goetz | Dr. Evan Fraser

    A plant-based, creamy chocolate.

Graduate Category

  1. Embrace BioPad: Anupjot Brar, Aryana Rabii, Benjamin MacLeod, Gabriel Laplante, Harshina Brijlall, Jacob Insley, Ryan Cranwill, Schnell D'Souza, Sonja Andrekovic, Stephanie Lim and Trung Hoang | Dr. Alison Duncan and Dr. Elliot Currie

    A biodegradable menstrual pad made from soy-based textiles and super-absorbent polymers.

  2. Green Egg Paper: Maisyn Picard, Kjeld Meereboer and Mateo Gonzalez de Gortari | Dr. Manjusri Misra and Dr. Amar Mohanty

    A sustainable stone paper product.

  3. AgroLife Bio: Tara Allohverdi and Mary Hedrick | Dr. Manjusri Misra and Dr. Istvan Rajcan

    A biochar soil amendment using agricultural wastes

Diploma Category

  1. SOS Skincare: Riley Sharp

    A soy-based exfoliant. 

  2. SOY Punch: Noah Weber 

    A Caribbean-style beverage.

Undergraduate Category

  1. 5th Bean: Timothy Shuh, Mitchell Rice and Sean Mitchell

    A soybean cream liqueur.

  2. Alyssa Francavilla, Carmen Tan and Stephanie Wong, 

    An Okara flour innovation.

  3. Soyscreen: Tara Allohverdi and Elizabeth Diederichs

    A soy-based sunscreen.

Graduate Category

  1. Soyfit: Bruno Bottega Pergher, Maisyn Picard and Mateo Gonzalez de Gortari.

    An edible soy protein isolate.

  2. Soy Tips: Miguel Fuentes, Kjeld Meereboer, Mawath Qahtani and Gareth Chapman 

    Biodegradable soy protein-based hygiene products.