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Catalyzing Industry and Researcher Partnerships

The Research Innovation Office is dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between groundbreaking research and real-world impact. As the catalyst for collaboration, we connect individuals from private, public, and not-for-profit sectors with the exceptional minds at the University of Guelph to forge partnerships that transcend boundaries and drive innovation.

Unleash the Power of Partnership

Explore innovative partnerships tailored to your business needs. Our Industry Liaison Team boasts an extensive network, both within and beyond our campus, equipped with a profound understanding of propelling research projects from ideation to execution.

Ready to explore transformative research partnerships with the University of Guelph's faculty? Share a glimpse of your organization and objectives through our Industry Intake Form. We'll promptly reach out to guide you through the next steps toward innovation.

Your Compass in Collaboration

Navigate the path to progress with confidence. Whether you seek advice, guidance, or a strategic connection, we're here to facilitate your engagement with the right researchers. Our team empowers you to define your research needs and facilitate introductory meetings that could reshape your industry landscape. 

To get started, delve into our Guide to Industry Partnerships with the University of Guelph (2019). Crafted to demystify research partnerships, this guide offers insights into the essence of collaboration and sets clear expectations for embarking on transformative projects with our institution.

Keep It Confidential

In the world of transformative partnerships, trust is paramount. Confidentiality Agreements (or Non-Disclosure Agreements/NDAs) are the guardians of secure information exchange between internal and external collaborators. For confidential exchange of information between the University and a third party, NDAs are most often signed by the Research Innovation Office on behalf of the University.

Materials on the Move

In the realm of groundbreaking research, materials are the lifeblood of innovation. Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) govern the journey of these proprietary materials, such as genetic material and cell lines, to third parties. These agreements set the rules, defining what the recipient can do with the material while safeguarding the provider from unforeseen liabilities. MTAs are most often signed by the Research Innovation Office on behalf of the University.