Welcome to First Year Seminars

A First Year Seminar (FYS) is an academic, interdisciplinary, first-year course (UNIV*1200), that are only available to first-year students and can taken in either the Fall or Winter semester.

First Year Seminars count as an elective and offer a variety of unique topics not found in any specific program of study. Classes are small, with a maximum enrolment of 22 students per class. There are no exams.

Previous Seminar topics have included:

  • How will we eat on Mars?
  • Don't Worry Be Happy: Happiness and the Good Life
  • Bambi and You, Bambi in Stew: Exploring the Human-Animal Connection
  • Sleep: 1/3 of Your Life Spent with Your Eyes Closed
  • Horror Night in Canada
  • Epic Fail: Reinventing Perspectives on Failure

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First-Year Seminar (FYS) Benefits: Open to all first-year U of G students, small class size (22 students), no exams, explore a unique topic, connect with peers & the instructor. Research conducted with U of G FYS students in F20/W21 found that their UNIV*1200 course enhanced their university experience (Morton & Ulbikas 2021). 80% developed positive relationships with other students. 85% experienced high participation & engagement. 87% developed critical & creative thinking skills. To learn more & register for UNIV*1200, visit uoguelph.ca/vpacademic/fys