Current Undergraduate Students

Important COVID-19 Announcements

Undergraduate Students - Expectations for Fall Engineering Courses:

We are looking forward to having all of our undergraduate engineering students back on campus in Fall 2021. We have been working hard to identify the learning activities that are best delivered on campus, and to find ways to safely deliver as many of these activities as possible. A few engineering courses will continue to be delivered entirely on-line, many will be delivered partially on-line and partially on campus, and some may return to their previous on-campus delivery model. Once classes have been scheduled, we will be able to provide details for each course. If, at any time during the term, we cannot safely continue with on campus activities, adjustments will be made to the course delivery.

Undergraduate students who register for courses that have face-to-face activities will be expected to attend in person. If extenuating circumstances may prevent your participation in coursework scheduled on campus, please make an appointment to discuss with a program counsellor.

Program Guides - Degree Requirements 

Program Guides on the core courses and electives for each of the engineering programs.

Academic Procedures

Rules and procedures for the School and University including links to student forms and course outlines.


Student Resources

Some of the available programs and supports that can help you in your academic program.



First Year Students

If you are just starting in the program, here is information on your first semester courses and other details to help you begin your time in the school.

ENGG*4000 and 41X0

Details on registration for your fourth year final design project.

Academic Advisors

Your Academic Advisor is your first stop for information and advice regarding your engineering program.