FAQs: Answers to Your Common Questions


How would I change my Major or add a Minor?

If you are interested in changing your Major (eg. switching from Biomedical Engineering to Mechanical Engineering) or adding a Minor (eg. Business) to your degree, book a meeting with your Program Counsellor. Once you have decided on the changes you would like to make, fill out the form below and submit it to your Program Counsellor. You can refer to the Example Form for how to properly fill out the Schedule of Studies Change Form.

Required Form   Example Form

How do I ask for academic consideration (eg. late drop a course)?

If a situation outside of your control has impacted your academic performance, you can ask for Academic Consideration. Academic Consideration is granted on the basis of appropriate medical, psychological or compassionate grounds. If you are seeking academic consideration, you should consult a Program Counsellor immediately to identify all of your options and refer to the University of Guelph’s regulations and procedures. Once you have met with your program counsellor, you should submit a written request to the Program Counsellor along with a completed 'Request for Academic Consideration' form and documentation to support your grounds (medical notes, letter from counselling services, death certificate or funeral notice, etc). The academic consideration process is further explained in the undergraduate calendar.

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Is it possible to defer my my final exam?

A deferred final exam is written after the normal exam period. You may be granted a deferred final exam ONLY if you have legitimate grounds for academic consideration. If you feel that your academic performance on a final exam is in jeopardy due to your medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances, it is your responsibility to consult your Program Counsellor as soon as possible and provide any required documentation within five days of the missed exam. Deferred privileges must be completed within the semester immediately following the semester in which the exam/course work was originally missed. The University reserves the right to disallow registration until all deferred privileges are complete and your final standing is calculated. For deferrng all in course assessments (not final exams), you need to contact your instructor to request accomodation. 

Request Form   Medical Note Form

Could I take a course through another university that would count towards my degree?

From time to time, students may be interested in taking an elective course at another university that is not currently offered at Guelph.  It is important to note that transfer credits for individual courses will not be granted unless the Letter of Permission is obtained prior to staring the course. Meet with your Program Counsellor to learn more about Letters of Permission.

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Am I allowed to to take a semester off?

If you are in good academic standing (term academic standing of Eligible to Continue or Continue on Probation) you can take up to 5 consecutive semesters off and return without having to reapply. We recommend setting up a meeting with a Program Counsellor to discuss your situation and review the impact to your academic sequence if you take time off. 

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If I am removed as a student because of a low average, what can I do now?

If you do not satisfy the program requirements for continuation of study you will be required to withdraw from the University for a minimum of two semesters.  If you are required to withdraw you are not permitted to register in courses during the two‐semester rustication period and you must apply for readmission. It is important to remember that readmission to a program at the University of Guelph after being required to withdraw is not automatic. Please contact your Program Counsellor for more information about the options and requirements.

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Are there other forms that might be useful?

The Registrar's office has several other forms (course waivers, supplemental privilege) that you might use during your undergraduate program. You can find the link here. 

Registrar's Forms