ENGG41X0 Design Course

All engineering students must successfully complete the capstone design project course associated with their engineering program in their final academic (i.e., graduating) semester.  ENGG*41X0 (ENGG*4110, 4120, 4130, 4150, 4160, 4170, 4180), is commonly referred to as 41X.  As a prerequisite to 41X, all students must successfully complete ENGG*4000 (Proposal for Engineering Design IV).


ENGG*4000 Proposal for Engineering Design IV must be taken in the semester immediately before ENGG*41X.  For Co-op Students, this means ENGG*4000 is taken at the same time as the final co-op work term in the fall before taking ENGG*41X. 

A few important notes about ENGG*4000:

  • It is zero credit course;
  • There is no tuition cost (other fees may apply for fall registration);
  • It is a prerequisite to all of the 41X courses;
  • Registration into ENGG*4000 requires submission of:
  • Both forms (Course Waiver Form and Registration Request Form) must be submitted together. You do NOT need a signature from the instructor. 
  • Completion of the Academic Credit Worksheet should be done before you fill out the Course Waiver and Registration Request forms. 
  • Form can be sent by email to engcouns@uoguelph.ca (attach both forms as a PDF or TIFF and provide the subject line of ENGG*4000).

If you are planning to complete 41X in a fall term, you must apply for registration in ENGG*4000 in the preceding summer term.

If you are planning to complete 41X in a winter term, you must apply for registration in ENGG*4000 in the preceding fall term.

You cannot select ENGG*4000 on WebAdvisor. Registration in the course is a manual process that is completed by the program counselling office.  Instructions on registering for ENGG*4000 will be emailed to all students at the beginning of the course selection period for both summer and fall registration.  While registered in ENGG*4000, students are responsible for creating their own design group of 3 or 4 students and for finding a faculty advisor for their project.  Accreditation rules require that your faculty advisor must hold a P.Eng. License. Faculty with P.Eng. designations can be found here:  http://www.uoguelph.ca/engineering/faculty


Students can register for their ENGG*41X course during regular course selection while taking ENGG*4000.

A pre-graduation check by the engineering program counselling office will be completed at the start of the 41X semester to confirm restrictions for remaining program requirements are met. These requirements include:

  • maximum credit load of 3.25 credits in your final semester, including credit for 41X (1.0 credit),
  • maximum of 3.75 credits remaining, including ENGG*41X,
  • completion of all 1000 and 2000 level core courses,
  • maximum of 1.50 credits of electives at the 1000 course level (Rule no longer applies as of November 1, 2022), and
  • minimum ENGG cumulative average of 60%.