Letter of Permission

In order to take courses at another degree granting institution, have the course(s) considered as credit towards your University of Guelph degree, and be eligible to re-register at the University of Guelph you need to obtain a Letter of Permission before applying for admission to the other institution.   This is a time consuming process for you. We do not have a list of approved courses from other institutions. You must do the research of possible acceptable equivalent courses on your own. Approval for course substitution and the processing of a letter of permission does not mean you will automatically gain admission at the institution you wish to attend or be able to register in the course that has been approved for substitution. That is up to the admissions department and the faculty of the institution to which you are applying.

Process for Applying for a Letter of Permission

1.   Read the information provided on Page 14-15 of the Engineering Rules and Procedures Guide at the link provided below:

2.   Read all of the information provided in the undergraduate calendar at the link below.

3.   Letters of permission will not be approved by the Engineering Counselling Office for students with an academic status of probation.  Your status must be eligible to continue.  Normally, students will not qualify for a Letter of Permission in their final semester of their degree program.

4.   Read the instructions on the back of the LOP request form.  The request form is available from Enrollment Services (3rd floor UC); or in the forms holder in the SOE Reception Area THRN 1401; or from the Registrar's website (link below):

5.   Contact the host institution to make sure you have not missed any deadlines to apply for admission and to make sure that it will be possible for you to enroll in the course before you apply for a LOP.

6.   To obtain department approval for a course on the request form, you must obtain a full course outline (not just a course description) from the institution you hope to attend and bring it to the instructor or designated individual of the appropriate department at Guelph for review and approval (i.e. signature) on the LOP request form.

7.   Once all department approvals (signatures) have been obtained for the respective courses, then you must bring copies of all the outlines and the completed request form to an Engineering Program Counsellor for a program approval signature on the form.

8.   You must then take the form to Enrollment Services (UC Level 3) to be processed.  There is a $50 processing fee for each Letter of Permission request (i.e., each separate institution attended), payable when you submit the approved request form to Enrollment Services.  More than one course can be taken at the same institution (single request) provided all courses and department approvals are included on the request form.

9.   Once you have received your copy of the letter you must apply to the host institution and meet that institution’s deadlines for admission application, registration and fee payments. 
Additional Notes:

  • You are required to complete the courses listed on the Letter of Permission during the semester(s) specified on the Letter of Permission;

  • Any course changes must be approved by the Engineering Counselling Office.  The University reserves the right to deny credit equivalency for courses taken without prior approval;

  • If you take a course on Letter of Permission, it will count as a course attempt for the purposes of the 3rd failure rule, but it will not count in the semester average, the cumulative average or your ENGG average (if an ENGG course).  There will be no mark for the course on your academic record.  It will show as CRD (credit).  Courses taken on a Letter of Permission do not show on your official University of Guelph transcript;

  • It is your responsibility once you complete the course to ensure that your final mark(s) are sent from the host institution to the Registrar's Office at the University of Guelph, or else a zero will be placed on your transcript. If you end up not taking the course, then you will need to provide proof for the LOP to be removed from your record.

We hope this helps to clarify what is involved.  If you have any questions about this process, or you need to have your forms signed by a Program Counsellor, please make an appointment by emailing engcouns@uoguelph.ca  or going online to:  http://www.uoguelph.ca/engineering/book-appointment
Engineering Counselling Office Staff