IAEF*3510 Interdisciplinary Flexible Internship

Interested in building your resume by getting hands-on work experience at environmental organizations, while earning course credit?

Register for IAEF*3510 Interdisciplinary Flexible Internship; a unique course designed for upper year students, who are interested in working the environmental, agricultural, or food sector, while developing fundamental career-building skills. This course will teach you valuable skills for the workforce including:

  • How to write a professional resume and cover letter
  • Delivering a strong interview presence
  • Working in the environmental sector


IAEF*3510 is optimal for students in environmental, agriculture, of food studies, such as:

  • Bachelor of Arts:
    • Environmental Governance
    • Geography
  • Bachelor of Bio‐Resource Management in Environmental Management
  • Bachelor of Science:
    • Environmental Biology
    • Environmental Geomatics
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences:
    • Ecology
    • Environment and Resource Management
    • Environmental Economics and Policy
    • Environmental Science

Restriction(s): ENVS*3330, UNIV*2100, UNIV*3140. Not available to co-op students. Must have at least a 70% cumulative grade average. Must be in semester 5, 6 or 7 to be able to complete internship requirement before graduation. Instructor consent required.

Prerequisite: 9.00 credits

About the Internship

This course offers synchronous and asynchronous components with a forty (40) hour unpaid experiential learning opportunity (“Internship”) in any type of environmental work. The timing for the completion of the Internship is somewhat flexible. It can be completed during the semester in which course is taken or up until the end of the following semester.1 Successful completion of the Internship is mandatory in order to complete the course.

In the past, students have interned with consultancies, government, conservation authorities, non-profits, private sustainable energy firms, and more.

Registration Information

This course is not available for registration through WebAdvisor, rather the course instructor must enrol you upon verifying that you meet the academic requirements. For registration, please email Boris Martín (boris@uoguelph.ca).

1 A final grade will not be submitted for the class until the internship has been completed.

Experience Profiles

  • Andrew was a highly engaged student at the University of Guelph. He worked as student staff on campus in Athletics, Admissions and Student Experience. In addition to this, he was a student leader, engaging in the Board of Governors, Student Senate, the Central Students Association, College of Arts Student Union and other organizations.