MSc and PhD Food Science

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A day in the life of MSc Food Science student Xinya Wang

Applying for MSc (thesis-based) or PhD in Food Science

For the thesis-based MSc Food or PhD Food, a Faculty Advisor and secured funding are required before the application will be reviewed for consideration as a recommendation for admission. Please visit our Food Science Faculty Directory for a full list of our faculty. Please note: Adjunct Faculty do not accept new students. Please contact those listed as 'Facutly' only.   


Applications are reviewed by a committee of graduate faculty for any offers of admission.  Reviewers consider academic performance in a relevant field of study, referee assessments, statement of interest and experience in appropriate and related fields.  


If you meet all the University minimum requirements, as well as the department requirement of acceptance from an advisor, please follow the instructions on the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies website, Applying to Guelph. You will need to complete the Application Fact Sheet (form below) and add this to your application package in your WebAdvisor as a Supplemental Document.

Please visit the Food Science program page on the Graduate Studies web site for details.

DUE DATES for official OUAC applications for admission to the MSc FOOD (thesis-based) and PhD FOOD are:
Winter semester (January): until November 1st
Summer semester (May): until March 1st
Fall semester (September): until July 1st

International applicants should apply with consideration given to time needed for their immigration procedures.


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