Meet the S19 Hub Incubator Cohort!

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019

Written by Mairin Scannell

Left to right: Luqman Osman, Michelle Lam, Chaveen Doratiyawa, Nicolas Querques, Jer Harman, Sean Mitchell, Elijah Johnston & Michael Gowan. Absent: Emily Peat, Zack Van Louwe, Rydge Rivard & Anthony Querques.

It’s 22 degrees outside. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the University of Guelph campus is quiet – with one exception. As soon as you open the doors to JD McLachlan the buzz from room 204 fills the halls of the entire building.  It’s a typical Wednesday for this enthusiastic group of University of Guelph students and alumni who squeeze into the small but lively room.

A couple of latin dancing engineers.

A veterinarian who has a focus in grief counselling.

A music enthusiast and wood working expert.

A group of liqueur drinking Aggies.

A massage therapist turned photographer.

It’s an eclectic mix of people, that would make for an entertaining “Survivor” cast. And although they are not training to compete in the hit reality TV show - they are learning how to outwit, outplay and outlast their competitors. They are all emerging entrepreneurs, starting a business. These 12 students/alumni who comprise eight different companies, will spend their summer participating in the intensive 4-month Hub Incubator Program. Offered through the John F. Wood Centre, students and/or alumni have access to funding, mentorship and advisory services to help them bring their idea to life.

Together they will leverage their diverse backgrounds and support each other as they work towards their common goal – to be the founders of a business. A business that will add value to our community and improve lives.

They are determined, collaborative and innovative. They are the business leaders of tomorrow. They are the S19 Hub Incubator Cohort!

5th Bean

An aspiring micro-distillery right here in Guelph creating the world’s first soy cream liqueur, which fills a void in the market by allowing vegans and lactose intolerant to enjoy a traditional soy cream liqueur. 5th Bean’s unique production process reduces waste by using soy byproducts to make an alcohol that, when combined with an array of organic ingredients, makes a delicious liqueur.

Acer Guitars

A manufacturer of high-quality custom guitars and basses with unique materials and designs. Each guitar is designed to sound great, be ergonomic, and can be customized to the customer's desires. Instruments feature amazing and unique exotic woods, unique domestic woods, as well as salvaged materials.

Check them out: or @acerguitars


Carxtic is an advertising platform that connects businesses and brands with high mileage drivers to run a customizable, targeted, head-turning, on car advertisement. Carxtic is closing the loop between digital and outdoor advertising but combining an old channel - wrapped cars - with innovative technologies that will measure the impact of the advertisement and provide real-time analytics to the clients.

Check them out:

Chaveen and Emily

Make Latin partner dancing accessible to those who have never danced before by teaching lighthearted lessons in non-traditional dance spaces, such as breweries. They host lessons, parties and performances in Kitchener, Stratford, London, and Guelph.

Check them out: or @chavembachata

Feral Collective Club (FCC)

A farm revitalization and foraging service company primarily serving the craft beverage industry. FCC uses the latest technology to meet the unique demands of this industry through a variety of services, including: foraging produce, plant propagation, and farm revitalization.

Check them out: or @nicolas.querques

Jer Harman Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Specializes in telling the story of a wedding day through a unique style that incorporates a photojournalistic style into a wedding photography context. Making sure to create a comfortable experience from start to finish, Jer prioritizes client relationships to maintain the human element and strives to be the best vendor at every single wedding.

Check them out: or @jerharman


A service geared towards helping owners cope with the loss of their pets by allowing them to create an online memorial for their pet and giving them access to a supportive online community. Founded by a veterinarian who sees owners struggle all the time with pet loss, Pawmorial was created to help owners get through this difficult time.

Check them out:

Ready Bloom

Taking plants and garden products online. Ready Bloom partners with well-established garden centres and provides them with a platform to have their products sold and delivered strictly online.

Check them out: or @readybloom

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