Wood Centre Podcast Series: Dr. Mary Peirson and Jane Watson



Dr. Mary Peirson

Dr. Mary Pearson is co-owner and medicinal director of Art Med. Mary also has an undergraduate degree, an honours degree in biology from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Mary also worked for many years in family medicine throughout Ontario, and for several decades in the area of public health infectious disease, addiction medicine, adolescent health, and women's health.

Jane Watson

Jane Watson is currently a business director at Art Med, which is a cosmetic medicinal business situated in Guelph. Jane has also previously held the position as an instructor for marketing at the School of Media and Design at Constoga College. Jane also has a background in small and large business administration, property management, and managing your own professional career as an actress. Jane also holds a master's degree in performance from Birmingham University in New York and an honours degree in the arts from the University of Toronto.

Podcast Description

Dr. Mary Pearson & Jane Watson each provide a unique viewpoint on entrepreneuship how they are able to work together to essentially build each other skills. With Dr. Mary Pearson being an M.D. and Jane Watson having a background in administration and property management, these two sisters have come together to create Art Med, an aesthetic medical clinic here in Guelph.

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