Wood Centre Podcast Series: Dr. Melanie Barham


Dr. Melanie Barham

Upon graduating from the Ontario veterinary college with the doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Melanie Barham went on to complete a private practice internship in Southern California, where she focused on horse performance. Melanie has served as President of the Ontario Association of the Equine Practitioners and has completed courses in client and small animal acupuncture. Melanie is also an FBI level veterinary delegate for show-jumping, as well as an FBI treating veterinarian. Currently Melanie is the animal health network coordinator at the Ontario Veterinary College. This is where she's working to implement the Ontario animal health network, a program designed to be an inclusive multi-species disease surveillance program across Ontario. Melanie is also a project management professional and the candidate for an MBA in sustainable commerce.

Podcast Description

Dr. Melanie Barham guides us through her journey as an entrepreneur in the Veterinary industry. Upon graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Barham explains her vision behind founding the DVM project and how this experience has motivated her in pursuing an MBA in sustainable commerce.


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