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April 07, 2011 - In the News

Psychology professor Mark Fenske is making headlines again with his tips for training your brain. He was featured on Global TV’s News Hour Thursday night, talking about ways to fine-tune your brain to perform at a higher level. Watch the video.

In addition, Fenke’s column in Thursday’s Globe and Mail looked at whether technology is hampering brain performance and productivity. He writes a biweekly column on brain-related topics for the "Life" section of the national newspaper.

Fenske is co-author of The Winner’s Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success with another Harvard-trained brain expert, Jeff Brown.

A research initiative led by economics historian Prof. Kris Inwood was featured in two newspaper articles in the Vancouver Sun this week. The articles are part of a series celebrating Vancouver’s 125th anniversary.

The project involved U of G students creating a digital database from the 1891 census for the City of Vancouver. The data provide a portrait of what the city was like around the time of its founding in 1886.

Inwood said the project allowed students to develop a range of research skills needed for the digital economy. Some of the students got jobs in the software industry after developing skills in the census project, he said.

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