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Giving to OAC

Donors are an essential part in advancing teaching, research, and the student experience in OAC.

A philanthropic donation helps its students and researchers in helping OAC achieve its mission to Improve Life by inspiring leaders, generating knowledge and creating innovative solutions for food, agriculture, communities and the environment. 

There are many ways you can be part of our impact, including donating now to support OAC's highest priority needs. 

Join your fellow alumni and support a class project

One of the most unique traditions of OAC alumni giving back to the college is through class projects. 

In 2021, class projects raised $400,000 to support OAC students and infrastructure. These fundraising projects are spearheaded by a group of volunteers from a particular graduation year (or “class”). These volunteers select what priority they will fundraise toward, set a fundraising goal, timeframe and work with their classmates to meet the goal.

These projects have a significant impact on the students, programs, faculty and capital projects they support.

View current OAC class projects below:

  • OAC '73 - $1M goal to support renovations in Johnston Hall, as well as 7 undergraduate and 3 graduate student scholarships
  • OAC '83 - $30,000 goal to increase their endowed student scholarship
  • OAC 1971/72 - $200,000 goal to support the Guelph Turfgrass Institute relocation.
  • OAC '79 - $100,000 goal to support the new Honey Bee Research Centre.

For more information, contact Taline Artinian, Senior Advancement Manager (OAC) artinian@uoguelph.ca, 519-824-4120, Ext. 56842

Support Dean’s Highest Priority Fund

The OAC Dean’s Highest Priority Fund provides support for urgent and unexpected needs, including supporting students in times of need, or the seizing of opportunities in innovative areas. It provides the flexibility to be responsive to unforeseen needs and an ever-changing world. In short, the OAC Dean’s Highest Priority Fund supports people, priorities and emerging projects. A current example is the Fall 2019 renovation and expansion of the student study and group work space in Johnston Hall. Our students have been asking for upgrades to support their educational and social experience at OAC, and  donations to the Dean's Highest Priority Fund enabled us to respond to our students’ needs.


Support Tomorrow's Leaders

OAC's Planning for Tomorrow initiative is evolving to prepare students with the skills needed to succeed and support the future of the agriculture and food sectors. With stakeholder support, OAC is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to: 1) increase OAC program enrollment by expanding the OAC Student Liaison Program; 2) strengthen industry connections and skills development in our students through a Careers and Employment Manager; and 3) broadly promote the opportunities available in agriculture and food through a large-scale marketing campaign.

OAC's Learning Trust provides a unique fund focused on supporting student engagement in hands-on learning experiences such as field trips, teaching labs, field study programs and international studies. These activities are often self-directed by the students and are always focused on enhancing the knowledge students have gained in the classroom. Some recent examples include the OAC Swine Club's trip to Iowa swine farms and facilities, the 8th Annual OAC Graduate Student Council Colloquium, and the University of Guelph’s Turf Club's attendance at the Collegiate Turf Bowl competition.

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  • Annual gifts directed to OAC. You will likely have received OAC’s annual appeal, a letter from your classmates to support your class project, or perhaps have heard from one of our student callers.
  • Planned giving and bequests. The OAC Legacy Leaders program aims to help OAC alumni with their estate planning through a comprehensive package and help from planned-giving experts.
  • Gifts of stocks, mutual funds, etc. directed to OAC, including the regional campuses.
  • Give Online

You can also support OAC through class projects, annual gifts or donations to special projects, scholarships and bursaries.

Official donation receipts are issued for eligible donations to OAC (the University of Guelph) to claim charitable tax credits. There are additional tax benefits for donations through bequests or via traded securities, including stocks and mutual funds. OAC would like to acknowledge the tremendous support it receives from so many alumni from all campuses.

Also, you may find it helpful to determine the full tax credit value of your donation on the Canada Revenue website.

Student awards are a significant part of OAC’s support of student success. Over 430 OAC-specific awards, totaling $1.5 million, are given to OAC students annually, thanks to the generous support of alumni, donors and partners. Establishing an award is truly meaningful way to improve the lives of students. 

Learn more about establishing a new student award or scholarship at OAC.

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Contact Morag Stewart, Director of Advancement (OAC), at 519-824-4120, Ext. 56236 or moragst@uoguelph.ca


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Established in 1874, the Ontario Agricultural College is one of seven colleges that make up the University of Guelph. OAC is a globally recognized leader in education and research in agriculture, food, environmental sciences, and community development. The OAC provides a wide range of academic programs at the diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and certificate levels.