Course Selection Windows

Program Counsellor and Faculty Advisor Listings

Program Counsellors are available to guide you in the development of an educational plan and the selection of courses to help you achieve it. Specific to course selection, they are also responsible for reviewing requests to add a course after the add deadline and/or take more than a typical full courseload.

See the contact information for your Program Counsellor.

Faculty Advisors are faculty members with expertise in one or more program specializations (majors, minors, areas of concentration/emphasis) and their fit within the degree program. Specific to course selection, your Faculty Advisor would be a great person to talk to should you be interested in substituting an alternate course for a course that is a graduation requirement for your specialization. 

See the contact information for your Faculty Advisor.


In addition to Program Counsellors and Faculty Advisors, course instructors (and their designates) and Enrolment Services and their team at the Lincoln Alexander Student Service Centre (The Linc) play important roles in the course selection process: 

  • Course Waiver Contacts – Instructors (or their designated signing authorities) are highly involved in the course waiver process, reviewing all requests to waive enrolment criteria (i.e., requests to enrol in a course that is restricted to you for any reason). 
  • The Lincoln Alexander Student Service Centre (The Linc) Team – As the front-line for Enrolment Services (the group that facilitates the course selection process) and Student Financial Services, the team at The Linc:
    • answers questions related to the course selection process,
    • provides insight into potential financial impacts of course enrolment decisions, and
    • processes all Course Waiver Request forms.