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New Horizons for Seniors Program for Pan-Canadian Projects

Pan-Canadian projects that help to reduce social isolation among seniors. Funding can provide support for projects that develop and implement collaborative, multi-partner approaches that measurably reduce the rate of social isolation among seniors in a target population.

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MITACS Workshop: Attract international students to support your research project in 2016

Learn how to attract sponsored international senior undergraduate students and returning graduate interns to support your research program for 12 weeks from May to September, 2016. Mitacs will be on-campus to guide researchers through the...

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2nd Annual Industry & Research Appreciation Day

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program is hosting an afternoon celebrating industrial and research partners.

  • Tour the Power Trip Trail and see Canada’s oldest, roof-mounted, grid-connected PV System, as well as the Solar PV Test Site, Solar Thermal displays, the new...
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Rare Diseases: Models and Mechanisms Network

On behalf of the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Rare Diseases: Models and Mechanisms Network, we would like to invite applications from clinicians and clinician scientists who have discovered novel genes in patients with rare diseases and wish to collaborate with a model organism...

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Announcement for the 2015-16 OMAFRA Food Safety Research Program Call for Letters of Intent

Research Priority Areas

  • Economic analysis
  • Threat identification and prioritization
  • Detection and surveillance;
  • Pathway analysis
  • Prevention and control of disease
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Faculty Information Exchange 2014-2015: Indiego-go, Kickstarter, Experiment – Crowdfunding as a revenue stream

Led by Lisa Hood, Associate Director Annual Fund, Alumni Affairs and Development and Dr. Dan Gillis, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science

Crowdfunding is the latest trend in raising revenue – whether for a new product launch, activity or research. If raising...

8 years 2 weeks ago Workshops and Events
SSHRC Insight Grant / Insight Development Grant Writing Workshop

This workshop will include grant writing tips for the Insight Grant 2015 competition (registration deadline anticipated in August 2015) and the...

8 years 2 weeks ago Workshops and Events
CIHR Foundation Scheme 2nd "Live Pilot" Information Session

This information session will include an overview of changes occurring at CIHR and an opportunity for interested applicants to discuss the ...

8 years 2 weeks ago Workshops and Events
Mitacs Globalink Research Internships

The Globalink Research Internships is accepting faculty applications for summer 2016. GRI pairs faculty in Canada with international top-ranked senior undergrads. Faculty members at institutions across Canada who are interested in hosting an international undergraduate student to work on a...

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NSERC Research Portal Webinars for Research Grant Officers - French

In preparation for the submission of Discovery Grant and Research Tools and Instruments applications, NSERC will host dedicated webinars to walk Research Grant Officers through the Research Portal and the NSERC Common CV (CCV) and to provide practical tips for using the new systems.


8 years 3 weeks ago Workshops and Events