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The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation - Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative

The Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is soliciting pre-applications for awards to develop freshwater and marine model systems where at least one symbiotic partner in the model system is a microbe (bacteria, archaea, and/or single-celled eukaryotes...

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The DRiVE Lab Workshop

The University of Guelph DRiVE laboratory is seeking to collaborate with faculty interested in driving-related areas of research such as driver safety, driver performance, development of in-vehicle technologies and other medical and commercial applications.

Headed by Professors Lana...

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The Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellowship

Election to the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) is one of the highest professional honours accorded an engineer. Fellows have distinguished themselves in different sectors including business, academia and government and in different roles such as business management, executive management,...

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The 2018 Interstellar Initiative

The Interstellar Initiative, presented jointly by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development and the New York Academy of Sciences ― recognizes the world’s most promising Early Career Investigators and connects them with peers, in related but distinct disciplines,...

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Testing Stream — Open calls for innovative prototypes

This call is seeking pre-commercial innovative prototypes that can be tested in real life settings and address a variety of priorities within the Government of Canada. The Testing Stream aims to procure, test and evaluate innovative late stage pre-commercial prototypes....

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Terry Fox Research Institute Symposium

The annual Terry Fox Research Institute’s, Ontario Node Research Symposium, hosted by Drs. Marianne Koritzinsky, Trevor Shepherd, Carolina Ilkow, Peter Greer, Kristin Hope, Meredith Irwin, and Robert Rottapel will be held on Monday, December 10, 2018.

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Targeted Grants in Mathematics and Physical Sciences – Letter of Intent

The Simons Foundation’s mathematics and Physics Division invites applications for its new  targeted grants in MPS. This program is intended to support high-risk projects of exceptional premise and scientific importance on a case-by-case basis. 

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Synergy Awards for Innovation - Call for Nominations

The Synergy Awards for Innovation were launched in 1995 by NSERC to recognize partnerships in the natural sciences and engineering research and development (R&D) between universities and Canadian industry. Since their inception the Awards have honoured the most outstanding achievements of...

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Swine Innovation Porc - Call for Proposals 2020

Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) and Canadian Pork Council (CPC) have joined together to support new research and development projects that will address specific and targeted welfare priorities. Canadian pork producers will invest $150,000 in industry contribution funding in order to support projects...

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Supporting industry-academic collaborations in Quebec and Ontario

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and Prompt Ltd. are launching a $3-million program that aims to develop innovative new technologies, products and services in cybersecurity.  These projects are intended to support and provide solutions to advance Canada's cybersecurity strategy,...

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