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Becoming a well-rounded student includes developing experience inside and outside the classroom. As such, several funds have been established to help students participate in initiatives that are non-academic in nature, such as coordinating events for other students, for travel, and to attend conferences while enrolled at the University of Guelph. Respective contact information or documents have been listed below each funding description:

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Student Life Enhancement Fund (SLEF)

Recognized student organizations and clubs, registered students, and University departments are eligible to apply for a SLEF grant. Funds are designed specifically for non-academic initiatives on or off campus, and are allocated to support participating in or providing initiatives designed to enrich the student experience. There are two opportunities to submit applications to the Student Life Enhancement Fund each academic year.


Student Volunteer Subsidies

Student Volunteer Connections (SVC) aims to reduce barriers to volunteering, and each year allocates a portion of its budget to help make volunteering more accessible. By subsidizing some of the associated costs with local volunteering, SVC aims to promote, support, and foster student volunteerism. Subsidies are available in the Fall and Winter Semesters. The application deadline is on the 40th class day of the semester, and the successful applicants will receive their funding on the last day of classes. 

More information and link to Application form
If you have questions, email or phone 519-824-4120 x58104.


Gordon Nixon Leadership Award

Funds were established in recognition of Gordon Nixon and his outstanding contributions in supporting student life, alumni activities, and fundraising at the University. This is an annual grant with funding of up to $10,000 made available to one or more campus-based student organization(s).


Student Financial Services - Travel Grants

Student Financial Services is committed to seeing that Guelph students have the opportunity to experience different cultures and communities and provide experiences to enhance learning experiences. Travel Grants are used to offset additional costs like airfare, vaccinations and travel insurance costs that are associated with travelling.


Campus Safety Grant

The Campus Safety Grant is provided by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) to address safety and security needs on campus, specifically including those related to addressing sexual violence and harassment. The Campus Safety Grant at the University of Guelph is overseen and administered by the Office of the Vice-Provost (Students Affairs) in consultation with the Sexual Violence Advisory Committee (Students). The Call for 2022-2023 Funding Proposals is now closed. Applications are annually encouraged from University units and Primary Student Organizations.

Past projects and programs that have received funds include (but are not limited to):
•    Community-based sexual violence counselling services provided for students on and off campus by Women In Crisis (Guelph)
•    SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment) Programming and Sexual Violence Education and Awareness Committee Programming
•    Campus Safety Apps
•    Sexual Violence Support Training and Professional Development for Students, Staff, and Faculty

Additional information about that grant can be obtained by emailing the Office of the Vice-Provost (Student Affairs):

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Student Government Funding


University of Guelph Alumni Association (UGAA) Student Experience Fund:

The University of Guelph Alumni Association (UGAA) Student Experience Fund is an opportunity established by the University of Guelph Alumni Association (UGAA) in support of the unique and important experience of student engagement at the University of Guelph. Specifically intended to nurture a culture of volunteerism, diversity, inclusivity and civic engagement among the student body.