The new Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system is now available! The CIM system is a new suite of tools for the academic community to use when drafting and submitting curriculum proposals for additions, changes or deletions to courses and programs. It supports the governance and implementation processes, including approvals, automated workflows and the integration and syncrohonization with the University's Academic Calendars. We invite you to get started!

For more information, view the Curriculum Inventory Management System page or join the MS Teams Site.

Commitment to the excellence of academic programs and to their continuous improvement at the University of Guelph is a faculty-led process supported by the Provost through the Office of Quality Assurance under the guidance of the Associate Vice-President (Academic).

The governing document guiding these efforts is the University of Guelph's Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) , (revised and re-ratified September 27, 2022). It builds upon the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) established by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents in 2010. The University’s IQAP details the protocol for establishing and maintaining quality through the cyclical review of existing programs (CPR); the development, appraisal and approval of new academic programs; expedited approvals (graduate); significant changes to existing programs (major modifications); and the closure of existing programs. These quality assurance processes place strong emphasis on the importance of the assessment of learning outcomes along with quality of faculty, instructional support and academic facilities required to mount and sustain successful programs and support the academic planning process.

It is through the QAF, and through the committees established by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (QC), that the quality of university programs are monitored externally in Ontario. The Quality Assurance Framework requires that each individual academic program clearly articulate and assess learning outcomes that are appropriate to the discipline and are consistent with the institution's mission, degree level expectations and academic plans.

The Quality Council audits institutional compliance to the IQAP on a cyclical basis.  The University of Guelph audit and site visit occurred in February 2018, with resulting report and Summary of Principal Findings. More information and the reports are available on the Quality Assurance Audit section of this site.

Senate Committee on Quality Assurance

The Senate Committee on Quality Assurance (SCQA) is the internal governance body responsible for recommending to Senate for approval institutional policies and procedures related to quality assurance, and for receiving, reviewing, and presenting to Senate a summary report of all internal review reports completed through the institution's quality assurance processes. The Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUGS) and the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS) are the internal governance bodies responsible for the review and approval of major modifications to existing programs and for recommending to Senate the approval of new programs and program closures. Learning outcomes continue to be reviewed and addressed through the process of cyclical program reviews and the development of new academic programs.