External Reviewers

Under the Quality Assurance Process, all new programs and cyclical reviews require external evaluation and assessment. 

The reviewers will normally be associate or full professors, or the equivalent, with program management experience, and will be at arm’s length from the program under review. External reviewers should have a strong record of accomplishment as academic scholars and ideally will have had academic administrative experience in such roles as undergraduate or graduate program coordinators, department chair, dean, graduate dean, senior academic leadership or other associated positions.  This combination of experience allows a reviewer to provide the most valuable feedback on program proposals and reviews.  

Best practice in quality assurance ensures that reviewers are at arm’s length from the program under review.  The OUCQA’s Guide to Quality Assurance Processes - Choosing Arm’s Length Reviewers provides examples of what may or may not violate the arm’s length requirement.

The following are resources for External Reviewers: