Getting Settled

Relocation Assistance

The University of Guelph reimburses approved relocation expenses according to the Relocation Policy. Department chairs and directors of schools are responsible for directing new hires to this policy, which is administered by the hiring department. Any special provisions related to your relocation will be set out in your letter of

New faculty are strongly encouraged to engage the services of professional moving companies. The University requires 2 estimates from professional movers. Moving costs can either be direct billed to the University, the preferred approach, or alternatively paid by the new faculty and reimbursed by the University (see step 5 below).

Direct Billing for Moving Expenses (University Pays)

The University has negotiated contracts with several major moving companies for both domestic and international moves (as listed under Moving and Relocation Services). The use of these contracts will assist in ensuring adequate insurance coverage, quality of move, and control of costs. Where the services of a University approved moving company are used, the University will pay the moving company directly. In this case, a University purchase order (PO) will be issued.

As a newly hired faculty member, you are expected to:

  1. Review the University of Guelph policy titled "Relocation Expenses for Faculty Members & Professional Staff".

  2. Check for (Moving and Relocation Services) for the contract moving companies, click on the moving company name for contact information, and request a quotation from the designated contact person, as indicated for each moving company. (Make sure you identify yourself as a new Guelph faculty member.) The companies will then contact their local representatives closest to your current location, who will in turn be in contact with you.

    Note: Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for sufficient time to make arrangements with moving companies.

  3. Forward 2 estimates to the Administrative Assistant in the hiring department. The hiring department will review the estimates. Normally, the lower estimate should be accepted. The Administrative Assistant will forward the estimates and required documentation to Purchasing Services, who in turn will issue a PO. Your department will contact you with the details.

  4. Ensure that any variance(s) to policy is authorized in writing by the hiring department before finalizing your move.

  5. After your move, submit the Travel Authority & Personal Expense Claim form (available from your department) for reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs, including receipts for personal travel, accommodation, meals, (and if applicable household moving expenses, along with the 2 moving estimates). Please refer to the exceptions noted in the policy.

The hiring department or school will:

  1. Act as primary contact for relocation procedures, questions and assistance. It is important to provide sufficient time for any moving arrangement. It is advised to allow 6-8 weeks from the time of requisition to the moving date.

  2. Review arrangements, liaise with Purchasing if necessary, and ensure that there is written approval (from the chair or director) of any variance(s) to policy prior to the move, e.g. storage, automobile moves.

  3. Issue a purchase order.

  4. Submit the approved claim for reimbursement of relocation expenses to the Revenue Control department, Financial Services. Once the claim is processed, a cheque will be issued to the new faculty member

For answers to frequently asked questions, please go to Relocation FAQs.

For questions about the process, please contact the administrative assistant in your new department/school. If you have any problem with movers, contact the administrative assistant immediately. It is preferred that any problems be dealt with prior to processing the invoice for payment.

The following web link provides helpful moving tips and planning checklists:
North American Van Lines - Household Relocations

Housing Loan

In cooperation with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the University of Guelph has a program to assist eligible employees in purchasing a home or refinancing an existing home. For further details, check the Housing Loan program. If you have questions, please contact Kim O'Brien at or 519 824 4120 ext. 52587.