About the Author

Professor Jack Weiner taught at the University of Guelph from 1974 to 1976. He spent the next five years at Parkside High School in Dundas, Ontario. In 1982, he was re-recruited by Guelph and has been happily teaching and writing there ever since. He has won both the University of Guelph Professorial Teaching Award and the prestigious Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Teaching Award. He has been listed as a "Popular Professor" in MacLeans annual Canada wide University survey eight years out of nine! In 2007, he was the University of Guelph Central Student Association Teacher of the Year as well as the winner of an Ontario Government Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award.

Jack showed a keen interest in mathematics from the very beginning. Here he is at age three months (on right) contemplating a math problem, which, thirty seconds later ...

... he solved (see below)!

Jack in class today.

Jack Weiner - Age 3 months, working on a math problem...

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