About the University of Guelph's Board of Governors

The University of Guelph was established by the University of Guelph Act, 1964. 

The University functions with a bicameral governance structure. The Act sets out governance responsibilities of the Board of Governors and the Senate. The powers given to the Senate are specifically over academic policy (see the Act, sections 12 and 13). The Senate may create such faculties, departments, schools or institutes or establish such chairs as it may determine, subject to Board approval of related expenditure of funds and the establishment of facilities, and may enact bylaws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs. The Board of Governors (section 11) is responsible to oversee the government, conduct, management and control of the University and its property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs. The Board is responsible for the appointment of the president and vested with all powers necessary or convenient to perform its duties and achieve the objectives and purposes of the University.

The Chancellor is elected by Senate and is the titular head of the University with the power to confer all degrees. The President is the Vice-Chancellor. Both are also members of the Board of Governors.

The Act prescribes that there be up to 24 Board members. The Board conducts its business through committees that bring recommendations to the full Board at regularly scheduled meetings. Meetings include open sessions, during which visitors are welcome to attend, and in-camera sessions. The Board's annual term of operation is from July 1 to June 30.

The University is a not-for-profit charitable corporation, with an autonomous governance system. The fiscal year-end is April 30th. Notwithstanding its legal autonomy, because it receives funding from both the provincial and federal governments, the University is responsible for reporting on a number of matters pertaining to its operation to both the federal and provincial governments.

Meeting agenda and minutes for all open session Board of Governors meetings are posted on the University Secretariat website.