Engage with the Board of Governors & Senate

Members of the University community are encouraged to engage with the work of the Board of Governors and Senate through the Governance Portal. Information about membership, terms of reference, upcoming open meetings, and related agendas and minutes can all be found through the portal. You can also subscribe to receive automated updates when open meeting packages are published. 

Information on other areas administered by the University Secretariat can be found below.


Board of Governors

Learn about the role of the Board, its committees and its members


Find information about Senate, its boards and committees and its membership

Student Judicial Services

Information about academic petitions and non-academic misconduct

University Honours & Awards

Learn about Honorary Degrees, Honorary Fellowships and other Senate administered awards

Privacy & Records Management

Find resources about privacy and records management, and learn about access to information requests

University Policies

Search for policies and find information on policy development and review


Find out how to get involved in the Board of Governors and Senate

University Secretariat

Find out more about the role of the University Secretariat

Photo of Chancellor Martha Billes


Learn about the role of the Chancellor and find out more about the University's ninth Chancellor Martha Billes