University Centre

University Centre

The UC is one of the main hubs on campus, you’ll find administration, CSA offices, registrar, The Brass Taps, cafeteria/food court, study spaces, concerts etc.

Study Spaces

All locations are near a food court, with access to a gender neutral washroom.

Airport Lounge
This second floor open study space has 40 seats for students in a group study environment. There are individual outlets for all seats on the perimeter and a few on the group study tables.

Food Court
This space has 300 seats for students to study and dine. The space can be loud with a lot of foot traffic.

Carpet Staircase
This space has approximately 40 seats with five outlets. The area is loud with a lot of foot traffic.

Accessibility Information

auto doors at north and south/main entrances

access to all floors (restricted after hours)

P5 off Trent Lane; P8 off South Ring Road

basement: stall in men’s and women’s washrooms;
1st floor: stall in men’s and women’s washrooms to left of main/south entrance;
3rd floor: unisex single stall on south end of floor
4th floor – stall in men’s and women’s washrooms