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Co-op Forms

​All forms pertaining to co-operative education can be found in this section of the website.

Find forms and guidelines pertaining to your Co-op Status or regarding your Co-op Work Term.



Co-op Status Forms — Students

Please submit all completed forms by e-mail to Co-operative Education at coopadmin@uoguelph.ca

Co-operative Education In-course Admission Request for First-Year Students:

Co-operative Education External Transfer Student Admission Request:

Co-operative Education Transfers Request:

  • Co-op Transfer Request Package
    Co-op students who wish to change their major must first meet all requirements for the new major established by the Academic Department. There is no deadline for submitting a Co-op Transfer Request package.

Co-operative Education Reinstatement Request:

  • Co-op Reinstatement Request Package 
    Students who have automatically been withdrawn from their program's co-op option when changing degree programs or when deferring admission to a Winter term due to a study permit delay, may request reinstatement into co-op by submitting this package within the semester in which the removal from co-op occurred.

Co-operative Education Academic & Work Sequence Agreement:

Undergraduate Schedule of Studies Change Form:

Co-operative Education Withdrawal Request:

Request for Co-operative Education Consideration Appeals Request:



Co-op Work Term Forms — Students and Employers

Co-op Work Term Report Employer Comments:

Co-op Work Performance Evaluation:

Co-op Job Confirmation:

  • Co-op Job Confirmation Form
    If you have confirmed a job outside of the Experience Guelph process, you must provide all applicable work term information.

Co-op Job Re-appointment Form:

  • Co-op Job Re-appointment Form
    If you have confirmed that you will be returning to your current/ or previous employer, you must provide all applicable work term information.