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Keith Warriner gained a 1st Class BSc (Hons) in Food Science specializing in food microbiology from Nottingham University, UK and PhD in Microbial Physiology at the University of Wales Aberystwyth. In 1994 he joined the University of Manchester and developed reagentless sensors designed for routine monitoring on analytes outside of the laboratory environment. Keith subsequently joined the Division of Food Sciences at Nottingham University in 1997. Here work included the development and validation of UV-lasers for package sterilization, DNA-fingerprinting to identify of cross-contamination points in pork processing and the interaction of human pathogens with growing salad vegetables/sprouted seeds. He joined the Department of Food Science within the University of Guelph in 2002 as an Assistant Professor in food microbiology. Current projects include studying the interaction of human pathogens with growing plants, novel decontamination methods in the fresh produce industry, molecular epidemiology of enteric contamination within meat chains and development of reagentless biosensors for biohazard detection.


Dr Warriner has broad food safety research interests that encompass epidemiology, intervention methods, diagnostics and relevant to the current proposal, the application of biocontrol preparations to reduce the prevalence of human pathogens at the primary production level. In previous studies the applicants have evaluated the efficacy of bacteriophages to control the prevalence of Salmonella in pig production. Here, bacteriophages were administered to Salmonella infected pigs, in addition to being sprayed in the environment. The conclusion of the study was that phages could reduce but not eliminate Salmonella associated with pigs. In more recent research, the applicant has developed an effective method based on using a combination of bacteriophages and antagonistic bacteria to control Salmonella on fresh produce (sprouted seeds and tomatoes).

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OMAFRA OMAFRA:Partnership OCE NCFPD Development of a Novel UV Reactor for Non-thermal Pasteurization Raw Milk Prevalence of Clostridium difficile in pork production and processing Extraction and Detection of Biohazards


Food Microbiology Industrial Microbiology


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Biohazards through the Food Chain. Food Safety Symposium. Toronto Oct 09 Biocontrol of Salmonella on Pre- and Post-Harvest Tomatoes, IAFP Texas Aug 09 Food Safety in the health care setting. CHICA Eastern Ontario meeting. Kingston, ON Feb 09. (Invited). Listeria, C. difficile, MRSA - The Foodborne Link. Webber Scientific Teleclass. Feb 09 (Invited). Control of Salmonella in pigs using bacteriophage. Centralia Swine Research Update (CSRU), London, ON. Jan 09. (Invited). Interaction of Salmonella with pre- and post-harvest tomatoes. ILSI annual meeting. Tuscan, Arizona. Jan 09 (Invited). Listeria monocytogenes in RTE foods. Canadian Food Safety Institute Oct 2008. Toronto. (Invited)

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