■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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ACANTHOLESPESIA Wood, 1987b: 1211. Type species: Phorocera comstocki Williston, 1889, by original designation.

comstocki (Williston, 1889).– Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia (S&A, 1965), New Mexico (CNC), Florida (FSCA).
– Phorocera comstocki Williston, 1889: 1922. Type data: syntypes, 1 male and 1 female (MCZ). Type locality: unknown (South Carolina according to Aldrich & Webber, 1924a: 78). Type host: Megathymus yuccae (Boisduval & LeConte), Hesperiidae.

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 426), as "Phorocera" comstocki Williston*
Hymenoptera, Diprionidae
Diprionid spp. (including Diprion spp. and/or Neodiprion spp.)
Lepidoptera, Cossidae
Cossula magnifica (Strecker)
Lepidoptera, Megathymidae
Megathymus yuccae (Boisduval & LeConte)
Lepidoptera, Pyralidae
Melitara dentata (Grote), Olycella junctolineella (Hulst), Ostrinia spp. (including 0. obliteralis (Walker) and/or 0. penitalis Grote)

signata (Aldrich & Webber, 1924).– Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina (S&A, 1965).
– Phorocera (Neopales) xanthura Aldrich & Webber, 1924a: 82 (junior homonym of Phorocera xanthura van der Wulp, 1890). Type data: holotype male (USNM). Type locality: USA, Tennessee, Nashville. Type host: Papaipema nebris (Guenée) [published as Papaipema nitela (Guenée)], Noctuidae.
– Phorocera (Neopales) signata Aldrich & Webber, 1924a: 86. Type data: holotype female (USNM). Type locality: USA, South Carolina, Greenville. Type host: Cossula magnifica (Strecker), Cossidae.
– Phorocera nitelae Aldrich & Webber, 1924b: 195 (nomen novum for xanthura Aldrich & Webber, 1924).

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 429), as "Phorocera" signata Aldrich & Webber*
Lepidoptera, Cossidae
Cossula magnifica (Strecker)
Lepidoptera, Noctuidae
Papaipema nebris (Guenée)

texana (Aldrich & Webber, 1924).– Arizona, Mexico, Texas (S&A, 1965).
– Phorocera (Neopales) texana Aldrich & Webber, 1924a: 79. Type data: holotype male (USNM). Type locality: USA, Texas, Victoria.

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 429), as "Phorocera" texana Aldrich & Webber*
Lepidoptera, Megathymidae
Agathymus baueri (Stallings & Turner), Agathymus chisosensis (Freeman), Agathymus evansi (Freeman), Agathymus freemani Stallings & Turner, Agathymus neumoegeni (Edwards)
Lepidoptera, Pyralidae
Melitara dentata (Grote), Melitara prodenialis Walker, Melitara spp., Olycella junctolineella (Hulst), Olycella nephelepasa (Dyar)


Arnaud, P.H., Jr. 1978. A host-parasite catalog of North American Tachinidae (Diptera). United States Department of Agriculture. Miscellaneous Publication 1319: 1–860.

*Host names (family and species) have not been changed from those given in Arnaud (1978). Each host is listed under the appropriate current tachinid name, with the tachinid name used in Arnaud (1978) cited if different from the current one. For more information about Arnaud (1978), and to see a complete list of tachinid names used in that work and their modern equivalents, click here.

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