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Genus Euantha van der Wulp, 1885

EUANTHA van der Wulp, 1885b: 198. Type species: Dexia dives Wiedemann, 1830 (= Ocyptera litturata Olivier, 1812), by monotypy.

litturata (Olivier, 1811).– Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, "Carolina," Georgia, Florida, Mexico (S&A, 1965), Brazil (CNC).
– Ocyptera litturata Olivier, 1811: 423 (also subsequently spelled liturata, unjustified emendation). Type data: holotype, sex unknown (possibly lost; "Ht" not in Paris according to Townsend, 1931a: 95; in Edinburgh or lost according to Townsend, 1939b: 165, but not located in Edinburgh by A.E. Whittington or in Glasgow by G. Hancock, pers. comm.). Type locality: USA, "Carolina."
– Dexia dives Wiedemann, 1830: 377. Type data: holotype female (NHMW) (Aldrich, 1927b: 27, discussed 2 specimens in NHMW, a male and female, both labelled as types; the original description mentions only the female sex so the female cited by Aldrich is likely the holotype). Type locality: USA, Kentucky (published as Kentucky but holotype labelled "South America" according to Townsend, 1931a: 95).
– Sericocera pictipennis Macquart, 1844: 224 (also 1844: 67). Type data: syntypes, unknown number of males and females (stated to be in the collection of M. Serville, in which the Diptera are believed to be lost). Type locality: USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
– Dexia postica Walker, 1853: 310. Type data: holotype female (BMNH). Type locality: USA, Georgia.

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