■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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Genus Homalactia Townsend, 1915

HOMALACTIA Townsend, 1915b: 21. Type species: Exoristoides harringtoni Coquillett, 1902, by original designation.

harringtoni (Coquillett, 1902).– Northern British Columbia to Nova Scotia south to southern California and Georgia (O'Hara, 2002).
– Exoristoides harringtoni Coquillett, 1902b: 110. Type data: holotype female [abdomen missing] (USNM). Type locality: Canada, Ontario, Ottawa.
– Homalactia brimleyi Curran, 1926a: 86. Type data: holotype male (CNC). Type locality: Canada, Ontario, Emo.
– Homalactia facula Reinhard, 1959a: 162. Type data: holotype female (CAS). Type locality: USA, California, Riverside.

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