■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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Genus Madremyia Townsend, 1916

MADREMYIA Townsend, 1916i: 305. Type species: Madremyia parva Townsend, 1916 (= Phorocera saundersii Williston, 1889), by original designation [Neotropical].

clausa (Villeneuve, 1937).– Norway, Arctic North America (Herting, 1984).
– Ceratochaeta clausa Villeneuve, 1937: 1. Type data: holotype male (CNC). Type locality: "Lapland."

saundersii (Williston, 1889).– British Columbia to Newfoundland, south to California, Mexico, Illinois, and Massachusetts (S&A, 1965), Yukon, Northwest Territories, Virginia (CNC), West Virginia (WVU).
– Phorocera saundersii Williston, 1889: 1922. Type data: holotype, sex unknown [only dorsum of thorax and wings remaining] (MCZ). Type locality: USA, "New England."

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 366)*
Coleoptera, Curculionidae
Hypera postica (Gyllenhal)
Lepidoptera, Danaidae
Danaus plexippus plexippus (Linnaeus)
Lepidoptera, Geometridae
Cingilia catenaria (Cramer), Coryphista meadii (Packard), Deuteronomos magnarius (Guenée), Ennomos subsignarius (Hübner), Lambdina fiscellaria (Guenée), Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (Guenée), Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria (Hulst)
Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae
Malacosoma disstria Hübner
Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae
Euproctis chrysorrhoea (Linnaeus), Nygmia phaeorrhoea (Donovan)
Lepidoptera, Noctuidae
Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel), Autographa californica (Speyer), Epiglaea apiata (Grote), Peridroma saucia (Hübner), Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth), Trichoplusia ni (Hübner), Xylena nupera (Lintner)
Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae
Nymphalis antiopa (Linnaeus), Speyeria cybele (Fabricius), Vanessa cardui (Linnaeus), Vanessa carye Hübner
Lepidoptera, Olethreutidae
Sciaphila duplex (Walsingham)
Lepidoptera, Pieridae
Pieris occidentalis Reakirt, Pieris rapae (Linnaeus)
Lepidoptera, Pyralidae
Ostrinia nubilalis (Hübner)
Lepidoptera, Tortricidae
Acleris variana (Fernald), Choristoneura conflictana (Walker), Choristoneura fumiferana (Clemens), Choristoneura parallela (Robinson), Choristoneura pinus Freeman


Arnaud, P.H., Jr. 1978. A host-parasite catalog of North American Tachinidae (Diptera). United States Department of Agriculture. Miscellaneous Publication 1319: 1–860.

*Host names (family and species) have not been changed from those given in Arnaud (1978). Each host is listed under the appropriate current tachinid name, with the tachinid name used in Arnaud (1978) cited if different from the current one. For more information about Arnaud (1978), and to see a complete list of tachinid names used in that work and their modern equivalents, click here.

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