■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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Genus Megaprosopus Macquart, 1844

MEGAPROSOPUS Macquart, 1844: 240 (also 1844: 83). Type species: Megaprosopus rufiventris Macquart, 1844, by monotypy [Neotropical].
COCHISEMYIA Reinhard, 1964b: 36. Type species: Cochisemyia regalis Reinhard, 1964, by original designation.

regalis (Reinhard, 1964).– Arizona (Reinhard, 1964).
– Cochisemyia regalis Reinhard, 1964b: 37. Type data: holotype female (USNM). Type locality: USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Chiricahua Mountains, Rustler Park (published as Rustlers Park, in error), 8500 feet.

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