■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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Genus Opesia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863

OPESIA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863b: 276. Type species: Opesia gagatea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863 (= Phasia cana Meigen, 1824), by subsequent designation of Townsend, 1916e: 8 [Palearctic].
TRICHOCLYTIA Townsend, 1916a: 633. Type species: Clytiomyia atrata Coquillett, 1895 (= Evibrissa americana Bigot, 1889), by original designation.

americana (Bigot, 1889).– British Columbia to Montana, south to California, also Maine to Massachusetts (S&A, 1965, as atrata), Alberta to Québec, also Utah, Colorado (CNC).
– Evibrissa americana Bigot, 1889: 256. Type data: holotype male (BMNH). Type locality: USA, "Washington Territory."
– Clytiomyia atrata Coquillett, 1895c: 53. Type data: holotype female [not male as published] (USNM). Type locality: USA, Washington.

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