■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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Genus Protodejeania Townsend, 1915

PROTODEJEANIA Townsend, 1915b: 21. Type species: Dejeania hystricosa Williston, 1886, by original designation.

echinata (Thomson, 1869).– British Columbia to California (S&A, 1965).
– Jurinea echinata Thomson, 1869: 516. Type data: holotype female (NHRS). Type locality: USA, California.

hystricosa (Williston, 1886).– Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico (S&A, 1965), British Columbia, Oregon, Costa Rica (CNC).
– Dejeania hystricosa Williston, 1886: 297. Type data: lectotype male (SEMK), by fixation of Townsend, 1931a: 163 (mention of "Ht" from New Mexico in SEMK is regarded as a lectotype fixation for the single male syntype in SEMK from New Mexico; rest of type series in SEMK, 12 males and females, is from Washington). Type locality: USA, New Mexico (cited as Washington by Townsend, 1939a: 98, in error).
– Protodejeania willistoni Curran, 1947: 51. Type data: holotype male (AMNH). Type locality: USA, Arizona, Chiricahua Mountains.

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