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Genus Trichopoda Berthold, 1827

Subgenus GALACTOMYIA Townsend, 1908

GALACTOMYIA Townsend, 1908: 135. Type species: Trichopoda radiata Loew, 1863 (= Thereva lanipes Fabricius, 1805), by original designation.
TRICHOPODOPSIS Townsend, 1913b: 148, 313. Type species: Musca pennipes Fabricius, 1781, by original designation.

aurantiaca Townsend, 1891.– Virginia, unrecognized species (S&A, 1965).
– Trichopoda aurantiaca Townsend, 1891a: 140. Type data: holotype male (not in SEMK or USNM, possibly lost). Type locality: USA, Virginia, Dixie Landing.

lanipes (Fabricius, 1805).– Kansas to Connecticut, south to Mexico and Florida (S&A, 1965), Iowa (CNC), Ontario (UGG).
– Thereva lanipes Fabricius, 1805: 220. Type data: holotype, sex unknown (Townsend, 1931a: 84, reported type not in ZMUK; Townsend, 1938: 29, reported type in NHMW, in error; lost according to Zimsen, 1964: 477). Type locality: USA, "Carolina."
– Trichopoda formosa Wiedemann, 1830: 268. Type data: lectotype male (ZMUC) (both sexes cited in original description with specimens deposited in NHMW and ZMUC, but Townsend, 1931a: 84, wrote that "Wiedemann was deceived in believing that he had both sexes under this name"), by fixation of Townsend, 1931a: 84 (mention of "male Ht in Copenhagen Westermann Coll., labelled 'N. America'" is regarded as a lectotype fixation). Type locality: USA, Georgia.
– Trichopoda radiata Loew, 1863: 321. Type data: holotype male (MCZ). Type locality: USA, District of Columbia.

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 493)*
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Coreidae
Acanthocephala femorata (Fabricius), Archimerus alternatus (Say)
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Pentatomidae
Nezara viridula (Linnaeus), Podisus maculiventris (Say)

pennipes (Fabricius, 1781).– Washington (introduced), California to Ontario and Massachusetts, south to Mexico and Florida (S&A, 1965), Idaho (CNC).
– Musca pennipes Fabricius, 1781: 450. Type data: holotype male (not located by Zimsen, 1964: 494, probably lost). Type locality: North America.
– Thereva hirtipes Fabricius, 1805: 219. Type data: holotype, sex unknown (lost according to Zimsen, 1964: 476). Type locality: USA, "Carolina."
– Thereva pennipes Fabricius, 1805: 219 (junior secondary homonym of Musca pennipes Fabricius, 1781). Type data: holotype, sex unknown (lost according to Zimsen, 1964: 476). Type locality: USA, "Carolina."
– Phasia jugatoria Say, 1829: 172 (also published in LeConte, 1859: 364). Type data: type(s) (lost; type(s) male according to a note by Osten Sacken in LeConte, 1859: 364, type(s) female according to Townsend, 1891a: 138, both opinions based on supposed [but unreliable] sexual differences in colouration). Type locality: USA, Indiana.
– Trichopoda cilipes Wiedemann, 1830: 276 (nomen novum for pennipes Fabricius, 1805).
– Trichopoda flavicornis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 284. Type data: holotype male [according to Townsend, 1891a: 138] (MNHN). Type locality: USA, "Carolina."

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 494)*
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Coreidae
Acanthocephala declivis (Say), Acanthocephala femorata (Fabricius), Acanthocephala spp., Anasa armigera (Say), Anasa tristis (De Geer), Anasa spp., Archimerus alternatus (Say), Archimerus calcarator (Fabricius), Chelinidea canyona Hamlin, Chelinidea tabulata (Burmeister), Chelinidea vittiger Uhler, Chelinidae vittiger aequoris McAtee, Euthochtha galeator (Fabricius), Leptoglossus oppositus Say, Leptoglossus phyllopus (Linnaeus), Leptoglossus spp., Narnia pallidicornis Stål
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Largidae
Largus cinctus californicus (Van Duzee), Largus sp.
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Pentatomidae
Acrosternum hilare (Say), Acrosternum pennsylvanicum (De Geer), Alcaeorrhynchus grandis (Dallas), Euschistus servus (Say), Euschistus variolarius (Palisot de Beauvois), Murgantia histrionica (Hahn), Nezara viridula (Linnaeus), Nezara viridula smaragdula (Fabricius), Plautia stali Scott, Thyanta accerra McAtee, Thyanta perditor (Fabricius)
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Scutelleridae
Coleotichus blackburniae White
Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 498) for probably pennipes (Fabricius)*
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Coreidae
Anasa armigera (Say)
Orthoptera, Mantidae
Tenodera australasiae (Leach)
Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 498) for pennipes (Fabricius) complex*
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Coreidae
Archimerus alternatus (Say), Leptoglossus phyllopus (Linnaeus)

Subgenus TRICHOPODA Berthold, 1827

TRICHOPODA Berthold, 1827: 508 (as "Trichopode" (vernacular) by Latreille, 1825: 498, name first latinized in Berthold's German translation of Latreille's book (according to S&A, 1965: 966); also subsequently spelled Trichiopoda, unjustified emendation). Type species: Thereva plumipes Fabricius, 1805, by subsequent designation of Coquillett, 1910a: 616.
POLISTOMYIA Townsend, 1908: 132. Type species: Trichopoda trifasciata Loew, 1863 (= Thereva plumipes Fabricius, 1805), by original designation.

indivisa Townsend, 1897.– California, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Texas (S&A, 1965), Mississippi (CNC).
– Trichopoda histrio indivisa Townsend, 1897b: 281. Type data: holotype female [not male as published] (BMNH). Type locality: Mexico, Veracruz, San Rafael (on flowers of Cordia sp.).

plumipes (Fabricius, 1805).– Kansas to Connecticut, south to Texas and Florida (S&A, 1965), Ontario (UGG).
– Thereva plumipes Fabricius, 1805: 220. Type data: holotype, sex unknown (lost according to Zimsen, 1964: 477). Type locality: USA, "Carolina."
– Trichopoda histrio Walker, 1849: 697. Type data: syntypes, 1 male and 2 females (BMNH). Type locality: unknown.
– Trichopoda trifasciata Loew, 1863: 322. Type data: holotype male (MCZ). Type locality: USA, Connecticut.

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 499)*
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Coreidae
Acanthocephala terminalis (Dallas), Leptoglossus phyllopus (Linnaeus)
Orthoptera, Acrididae
Dissosteira pictipennis (Bruner)
Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 500) for probably plumipes (Fabricius)*
Orthoptera, Acrididae
Dissosteira pictipennis (Bruner)

subdivisa (Townsend, 1908).– California (S&A, 1965).
– Polistomyia subdivisa Townsend, 1908: 133. Type data: holotype female (USNM). Type locality: USA, California, Napa County, St. Helena.

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 500)*
Orthoptera, Acrididae
Dissosteira pictipennis (Bruner)

Trichopoda species

Hosts from Arnaud (1978: 500) for Trichopoda spp.*
Hemiptera (Heteroptera), Pentatomidae
Chlorochroa spp.


Arnaud, P.H., Jr. 1978. A host-parasite catalog of North American Tachinidae (Diptera). United States Department of Agriculture. Miscellaneous Publication 1319: 1–860.

*Host names (family and species) have not been changed from those given in Arnaud (1978). Each host is listed under the appropriate current tachinid name, with the tachinid name used in Arnaud (1978) cited if different from the current one. For more information about Arnaud (1978), and to see a complete list of tachinid names used in that work and their modern equivalents, click here.

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