■ Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico
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Genus Uclesia Girschner, 1901

UCLESIA Girschner, 1901: 69 (spelled Euclesia by Aldrich, 1926a: 24, in error). Type species: Uclesia fumipennis Girschner, 1901, by monotypy [Palearctic].
ATRACTOUCLESIA Townsend, 1931b: 460. Type species: Uclesia retracta Aldrich, 1926, by original designation.
UCLESIOPSIS Townsend, 1931b: 461. Type species: Uclesia varicornis Curran, 1927, by original designation.

retracta Aldrich, 1926.– Washington, Alberta (S&A, 1965), Colorado (CNC).
– Uclesia retracta Aldrich, 1926a: 24 (described as Euclesia retracta, in error). Type data: holotype female (USNM). Type locality: USA, Washington, Paha.

varicornis Curran, 1927.– North Dakota (S&A, 1965).
– Uclesia varicornis Curran, 1927b: 300. Type data: holotype female (CNC). Type locality: USA, North Dakota, Beach.

zonalis Curran, 1927.– British Columbia, Washington, Utah, Wyoming (S&A, 1965), Idaho, New Mexico (CNC).
– Uclesia zonalis Curran, 1927b: 299. Type data: holotype female (CNC). Type locality: Canada, British Columbia, Oliver.

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