■ The Tachinid Times, Issue 7, February 1994

Jim O’Hara, editor
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
960 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0C6
Correspondence: james.ohara@agr.gc.ca

This issue of the annual newsletter The Tachinid Times was distributed in hardcopy in 1994 and first offered over the Internet (in HTML format) in 1996. It can be viewed or downloaded as a searchable PDF file with the same pagination as in the original hardcopy edition.

Contents of Issue 7


  • Third International Congress of Dipterology
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Annotated Catalog of Family-Group Names in Diptera
    (by C.W. Sabrosky)
  • Release of Triarthria setipennis in Ottawa and notes about the New World distribution of the genus
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • New Guinea tachinids
    (by R.W. Crosskey)
  • Mounting tachinids from ethanol
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Two tachinid species discriminate between parasitized and non-parasitized hosts
    (by R. López)
  • Studies on the oviposition behaviour of Ocytata pallipes
    (by U. Kuhlmann)
  • Tachinid collecting in Arizona and New Mexico
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Egg morphology of Thelymyia saltuum and Lypha dubia
    (by S. Gaponov)

Personal Notes

  • Stig Andersen
  • Timothy Foard
  • Benno Herting
  • Nikolai Kolomiets
  • Rolando López
  • Jim O'Hara
  • Thomas Pape
  • Knut Rognes
  • Jens Roland
  • Hiroshi Shima
  • Xuekui Sun
  • Peter Tschorsnig
  • Jaromír Vanhara
  • Ian White
  • Monty Wood

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