■ The Tachinid Times, Issue 9, February 1996

Jim O’Hara, editor
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
960 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0C6
Correspondence: james.ohara@canada.ca or oharaje@hotmail.com

This issue of the annual newsletter The Tachinid Times was distributed simultaneously in hardcopy and over the Internet (in HTML format) in February 1996. It can be viewed here or downloaded as a searchable PDF file with the same pagination as in the original hardcopy edition.

Contents of Issue 9


  • Outbreak (?) of a tachinid parasitoid of the bagworm Eumeta japonica in Japan
    (by H. Shima and T. Tachi)
  • Tachinid types in the Canadian National Collection
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Further releases of Trichopoda pennipes, parasitoid of the green stinkbug, Nezara viridula, in South Africa
    (by M.A. van den Berg & J. Greenland)
  • Book Review: Handbook on British Tachinidae by R. Belshaw
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Hilltopping Tachinidae from western Europe
    (by H.P. Tschorsnig)
  • Hilltopping Tachinidae from the American Southwest
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Hilltopping Tachinidae from western Quebec
    (by D.M. Wood)
  • Request for information on tachinid parasitoids of Glyphodes spp.
  • Chrysomelid parasitism by Celatoria bosqui in Brasil
    (by L.A. Salles)
  • Note on the Tachinid Parasites associated with Forest Lepidoptera in West Siberia
    (by N.G. Kolomiets)
  • Reinhard reprints available
  • Upcoming symposium on artificial rearing

Personal Notes

  • A.R. Lahiri
  • Gerlind Lehmann
  • Rolando Lópes
  • Jim O'Hara
  • Ana Maria Ávila Simões
  • Xuekui Sun
  • Jaromír Vanhara
  • Joachim Ziegler

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