■ The Tachinid Times, Issue 13, February 2000

Jim O’Hara, editor
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
960 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0C6
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This issue of the annual newsletter The Tachinid Times was distributed simultaneously in hardcopy and over the Internet (in HTML format) in February 2000. It can be viewed here or downloaded as a searchable PDF file with the same pagination as in the original hardcopy edition.

Contents of Issue 13


  • Microsoma exiguum (Meigen), a candidate biological control agent for the curculionid Sitona lepidus
    (by L. Reimer and U. Kuhlmann)
  • Biological control of the Mexican rice borer, Eoreuma loftini (Dyar), by Lydella jalisco Woodley
    (by B.C. Legaspi, Jr., J.C. Legaspi, I. Lauziere and W.A. Jones)
  • Update of tachinid names in Arnaud's (1978) Host-Parasite Catalog of North American Tachinidae
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Control of Spodoptera spp. (Noctuidae) by a tachinid on sunflower in Bolivia
    (by C.J.H. Pruett)
  • Some corrections to Sabrosky's Family-group names in Diptera
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Correction to a publication on the ecology of two Myiopharus species
    (by R. López)
  • An account of a collecting trip to the mountains of southern Arizona and New Mexico, USA
    (by J.E. O'Hara)
  • Tachinidae captured in the Nepali Himalaya's
    (by Theo Zeegers)
  • A collection of tachinids (Diptera, Tachinidae) from Sicily and the Maltese Islands
    (by H.-P. Tschorsnig and B. Merz)

Personal Notes

  • Zdravko Hubenov
  • Peter Sehnal
  • Theo Zeegers

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