■ The Tachinid Times, Issue 24, February 2011

Jim O’Hara, editor
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0C6
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This issue of the annual newsletter The Tachinid Times was distributed simultaneously in hardcopy and over the Internet (as a PDF document) in February 2011. It can be viewed here or downloaded as a searchable PDF file with the same pagination as in the original hardcopy edition.

Contents of Issue 24


  • New record of Loewia crassipes (Mesnil) from Turkey
    (by Cezary Bystrowski)
  • Preliminary comparison of tachinid species assemblages in three different open habitats in south-central Finland
    (by Jaakko Pohjoismäki)
  • First records and other interesting finds of Tachinidae from Israel and adjacent areas
    (by Joachim Ziegler)
  • Collecting and preserving tachinid legs for molecular study
    (by James E. O'Hara)
  • The invasive species, Trichopoda pennipes (F.) (Diptera: Tachinidae), found in Israel
    (by Amnon Freidberg, Elizabeth Morgulis and Pierfilippo Cerretti)
  • Exploring a reproductive isolation mechanism in uzifly, Exorista sorbillans (Diptera: Tachinidae)
    (by Bandekodigenahalli M. Prakash and Hosagavi P. Puttaraju)


  • M.Sc. opportunity in biology and systematics of Neotropical Tachinidae
  • Ph.D. thesis defended by Natália Muráriková
  • M.Sc. thesis defended by Diego Javier Inclan Luna
  • New book! Tachinids of Italy
  • Another new book! Manual of Central American Diptera. Volume 2
  • TachImage Gallery
  • Abstracts from the Seventh International Congress of Dipterology
    (from Abstracts Volume edited by M.A. Zumbado)
    • Over 200 genera and counting – the megadiverse fauna of Afrotropical Tachinidae
      (by P. Cerretti, J.E. O'Hara, D.M.Wood and J.O. Stireman III)
    • MOSCHWEB – An open access interactive key to the Palaearctic genera of Diptera: Tachinidae
      (by P. Cerretti, H.-P. Tschorsnig and M. Lopresti)
    • Overview of the Neotropical Dexiinae (Tachinidae)
      (by R.R. Figueiredo and S.S. Nihei)
    • Importance of visual and olfactory cues for foraging in the parasitoid Exorista japonica
      (by R.T. Ichiki, Y. Kainoh, Y. Yamawaki and S. Nakamura)
    • Revision of the Neotropical genus Erythromelana (Diptera: Tachinidae)
      (by D.J. Inclan and J.O. Stireman III)
    • Taxonomy and phylogeny of Ormiini (Tachinidae): diversity and evolution of cricket parasitoid flies
      (by S.S. Nihei)
    • Building a unified classification of the Tachinidae (Diptera) of the world
      (by J.E. O'Hara, D.M. Wood, V.A. Richter, H. Shima and S.J. Henderson)
    • An overview of Afrotropical Oestroidea
      (by T. Pape)
    • Host-associated differentiation in Diptera: contrasting plant parasites and insect parasitoids
      (by J.O. Stireman III)
    • Diversity and host use patterns of Lepidoptera attacking Tachinidae in the Ecuadorian Andes
      (by J.O. Stireman III, H.F. Greeney and L.A. Dyer)
    • Response of the uzi fly Exorista sorbillans to silkworm-infested mulberry in a wind tunnel
      (by A. Tanaka, Y. Kainoh, J. Tabata, H. Sugie, R.T. Ichiki and S. Nakamura)
    • New views on the taxonomy of Tachina spp. (Tachinidae): West Palaearctic species
      (by J. Vaňhara, A. Tóthová, N. Muráriková, H. Novotná and J. Havel)
    • Tachinidae in the era of molecular systematics
      (by D.M. Wood)

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