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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


XI--Other Programs

Distance Education

The Distance Education program, as administered by the Office of Open Learning, supports the departments in offering degree credit courses to students who choose to study independently. The courses are print based and the learning process is assisted by audio and video cassettes, computer conferencing, and other learning technologies where appropriate. Distance education provides a contemporary means through which the University of Guelph continues its tradition of outreach and open learning opportunities.

The University of Guelph recognizes the importance of distance learning and is committed to providing opportunities for the off-campus learner. A wide range of subject areas and course levels is available.

The following is a list of the courses that were offered in the distance format for 1995-96. Please consult Section XII--Description of Courses for course descriptions. When selecting these courses, section number 68 must be specified to indicate the distance education offering. Because additional courses are constantly being developed, please consult the Office of Open Learning, Room 153, Johnston Hall, 767-5010, email: INFO@OPENLRNG.UOGUELPH.CA for an updated listing on courses available by distance education and when they are scheduled to be offered. Course listings are also available on GRIFF.

The courses have been designed and written by experts to meet rigorous standards. Clusters of courses are offered from selected areas of specialization within the University. The Diploma in Public Policy and Administration and Certificate in Food Science are also offered in the distance education mode. (See Section XI).

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
XI--Other Programs

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