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Gates Foundation and Grand Challenges Explorations Round 15

Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative to encourage innovative and unconventional global health and development solutions, is now accepting grant proposals for its latest application round.  Proposals are being accepted online on the following topics: 

  • ...
9 years 1 month ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Killam Research Fellowships 2015

Killam Research Fellowships are intended as release time from employment for established scholars who have demonstrated outstanding research ability and who have published the results of their research in substantial publications in their field. The award is not intended as a subsidy for the...

9 years 1 month ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
TVN 2015 Frailty RFP

Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) is offering funding through two competitions focused on measuring the degree of frailty in the elderly.

Competition A: Knowledge Synthesis Projects: Projects funded under this competition will inform future research...

9 years 1 month ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship

Mitacs Elevate is a two-year training program for postdoctoral fellows, in which participants lead and undertake an industrially relevant research project in any discipline. During this time, fellows receive experiential training in R&D directly through their industry-academic research...

9 years 3 weeks ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Faculty Information Exchange 2014-2015: Knowledge mobilization supports research impact

Facilitated by: Bronwynne Wilton, Manager, OMAFRA Partnership Communications and Knowledge Mobilization Programs, with David Phipps, Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services, York University.

What is research impact and why should you care? Do you want...

9 years 1 week ago Workshops and Events
Mitacs Accelerate PhD Fellowships

Mitacs Accelerate PhD Fellowship offers PhD students three years of funding and the opportunity to apply their specialized expertise to various research challenges. Students work closely with a partner organization and faculty supervisor, using the latest tools and techniques available to them...

9 years 1 week ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Ministry of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour - 2015 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Futures

OHS Futures is a research funding program to help support a better understanding of occupational health and safety issues in Alberta’s workplaces.  This program will enhance the partnership between the OHS program and experts across our province and Canada to make better policy for the...

9 years 3 days ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Gryphons' LAAIR Finale - Wed 22 April
The Gryphon's LAAIR: Leading to Accelerated Adoption of Innovative Research
You are invited to attend the public presentation of the Gryphons' LAAIR Finale at the University of Guelph.
8 years 12 months ago Workshops and Events
CKCF – Pawsitivity Grants 2015

If your project helps dogs help people or promotes the positive role dogs play in Canadian society, then you should apply for a CKCF Pawsitivity Grant.

8 years 11 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
CCSRI – Quality of Life Research Grants 2015

These grants are intended to explore psychosocial, survivorship, supportive care and end-of-life issues, research gaps, needs and opportunities, or models for survivorship care. The grants are meant to accelerate and focus the knowledge gained from scientific findings, in the short or long term...

8 years 11 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News