What are Seniority Points?

A seniority point is accrued for each successfully completed work assignment in each of Unit 1 (TA/GSA-1) and Unit 2 (Sessional Lecturer) (with the exception of dismissal or resignation).  In the hiring of TAs and Sessional Lecturers, seniority points are only taken into consideration when candidates are assessed to be equally qualified, based on the application package submitted and relative to the required and preferred qualifications criteria listed in the posting.  In such a situation, the candidate with more seniority points will be the successful applicant. In addition, for Sessional Lecturers (Unit 2), seniority determines the "step" at which wages are paid.

Seniority applies only to the bargaining unit, for example, TA points are separate from SL points.  Seniority points ‘expire’ after four (4) consecutive semesters for TAs, and eight (8) consecutive semesters for SLs, with no work assignment.

Seniority is not lost or reduced for any reason except dismissal, resignation, or failure to obtain a Bargaining Unit work assignment for the specified period above. Resignation from a work assignment results in the loss of that particular seniority point only. Failure to complete a work assignment due to illness does not result in the loss of the seniority point for that work assignment.

If applicable, you will find your Seniority Points in your PROFILE.  The University is committed to ensuring the accuracy of your SPs. If you think there is an error, please contact Faculty and Academic Staff Relations, clearly identifying the academic unit(s), semester(s) and course(s) in which you earned seniority. Once confirmed, your SPs will be updated in your Profile.


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