Why Guelph Engineering?

Discover some of the reasons why exceptional students choose the Guelph Engineering. 

Take a Tour of Engineering - Guelph Style!

1. Differentiate Yourself

Guelph Engineering is unique.  No other Canadian university offers the specialized combination of majors you will find here.  Our curriculum combines engineering principles with practical, multi-disciplinary design courses ensuring that you stand out among employers.  Our seven innovative disciplines prepare you for many rewarding career opportunities, both locally and internationally.

2. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The goal of Guelph Engineering  is not only to provide you with a top notch education but to create an atmosphere where people work together and build upon one another's strengths. We are proud of the approachability of our staff and faculty and the teamwork among our students. From interactive learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, to engineering events, you will feel right at home.

3. Location, Location, Location

The University of Guelph is located an hour west of Toronto and is centrally located in Canada's Technology Triangle.  The University of Guelph has big city appeal with a small town feel. A vibrant downtown core is walking distance from the campus and offers a variety of recreational and entertainment opportunities:

4. Design

This is your opportunity to apply the theory and skills that you learn in the classroom to create new and effective solutions to real world issues and challenges. Our Engineering Design courses build upon the fundamentals of engineering, developing skills such as teamwork and the ability to communicate in writing and oral presentations. You will complete a minimum of six design projects in our undergraduate program. Come take a look at some of the photos from this years designs. Click Here

5. Co-operative Education

Co-op options are offered in all engineering majors. The Co-op program at Guelph is flexible – you can choose to browse through the large database of jobs available or you can find your own placement. To learn more about Co-op, please visit Co-operative Education and Career Services. 

6. Flexibility

Choosing a university is a big decision; choosing a major is sometimes even bigger. You are admitted into a particular major at Guelph when you accept the offer letter. Yet, the common courses in your first semester allow you to explore many types of engineering offered at Guelph.  If you find that your interests change during first semester, you can often easily switch into a new major within the  non Co-op Bachelor of Engineering. We strongly suggest for students that want Co-op, to apply directly into a program from high school. Co-op spaces are limited to availability and change from year to year by discipline.

7. Supportive Academic Environment

At Guelph, we want you to succeed. If you need extra help or want to improve your skills, you will find people, programs and resources ready to support your learning. Some of our helpful learning resources include:

8. The University Cares

You are not only choosing a university - you are choosing a place to call home for the next 4 to 5 years. At Guelph, we understand the importance of this responsibility and strive for success in everything from food to recreation.

  • The University of Guelph has the best campus food in Canada! Flexible Food Plans take into consideration those with small and large appetites and the cafeteria style set up ensures you are only charged for what you eat. Visit Hospitality Services  to find out more.
  • Partnerships with GO Transit, easy access to Greyhound buses and trains allow students to travel and commute easily.
  • The University of Guelph offers one of the largest selections of recreational sports and clubs in Ontario.  
    Visit Guelph Gryphons Athletics for more details.

9. More Than Just An Education

At Guelph, we understand that there is more to university than lectures, assignments and exams. Here are some of the organizations and clubs that you can be a part of: