Business Consulting Featured Client #3: Trillium Mutual Insurance Company

Posted on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Written by Andrew Nixon

Trillium Mutual Insurance Company is the second largest provincially regulated pure Mutual in Ontario. A pure Mutual insurer is one that is owned by the policyholders, where each policyholder is a member and is entitled to participate in the governance of the company by voting at the annual general meeting.

Voted by our students as one of the top companies to work for this semester, Trillium has returned to CBaSE to continue that the work that was begun during a project in the Winter 2016 semester. Trillium is excited to be back on campus, benefiting once again from the unique perspective University of Guelph students can bring to their company, as Mike Virley, Vice President of Member Services, says, “we get to see the world and its future through their lenses”.

As an underwriter with a diverse product line that has recently begun to focus on farm insurance, tapping into the University of Guelph’s knowledge base was a natural fit for Trillium. Virley adds, “we are aggressively pursuing market share in farm/agricultural insurance products. The University of Guelph was a natural choice of partner given their world renown as a public research university specializing in agriculture.”

It’s no surprise that the University of Guelph and Trillium have shared values, and CBaSE applauds Trillium’s commitment to improving the communities they work in. In 2013 Trillium developed a philanthropic arm, entitled “ROOTS” (Recognizing Our Opportunity to Support). The program is designed to give back to the communities they serve. ROOTS is running well, as Virley adds, “since 2013 we have pledged over $500,000 to various community projects through this program.”

CBaSE recognizes Trillium for their desire to innovate and push their market forward. Students will certainly enjoy Trillium’s appetite for creativity and experimentation this semester, as Virley explains, “we are open and anxious to changing the way that farm insurance is understood by, sold, and serviced to the end user in order to create an experience. We are starting with a blank canvas to change the future of farm insurance and our partnership with CBaSE and the University of Guelph will help us get it right.”
Trillium rises up to the CBaSE challenge for students to “get real”. Virley highlights this, saying, “students will have the opportunity to influence and truly impact how we do business. We have partnered with CBaSE as we know we will receive recommendations and action items we can put into play immediately and that will translate into the business results we are looking to achieve.”

About CBaSE Business Consulting Course

The University of Guelph’s Business Consulting courses, more formally referred to as MGMT*4050 and MGMT*4060, offers senior students transformational learning experiences that provide them with real-world applicable skills and wisdom.

Offered in both Fall and Winter semesters, the Business Consulting course is open to third and fourth year students from any program who wish to earn course credit through unconventional means.

Teams of 2 - 4 students are paired with real clients who’ve come to CBaSE with various challenges they would like students to dedicate the semester to work towards solving. Previous projects include developing strategic integrated marketing plans for new businesses, performing financial analysis for non-profit organizations, conducting primary research to develop new revenue streams, and much more.

Students will act as consultants, meeting with their clients several times throughout the semester to update them on their progress and ensure expectations are being met and managed. Learning is self-directed and student success is based on the effort they put in.

Although this is not a traditional class, students are expected to put in the same amount of time, per week, that they would for any other course (approximately 10 hours). Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, work with business canvas models as well as reach beyond traditional theories learned in the classroom.

MGMT*4050 is now completely full for the fall semester. If you are interested in taking Business Consulting in the Winter 2017 semester, you can apply for MGMT*4060 today!

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