■ Phylogeny of World Tachinidae Project

Expeditions are a crucial element in our project as they will provide many of the specimens to be used for molecular analyses. These analyses require tissue samples that have been taken from fresh specimens and preserved in 95% ethanol. Team members have been actively preserving material for such analyses for some years, but considerable gaps in desired taxa still remain. This is especially true for the Old World. Expeditions undertaken to collect tachinid specimens for this project will be reported upon in this Expedition section.

As of this writing (March 2014), two major expeditions have been undertaken. The first was to the Western Cape of South Africa, as chronicled in The Tachinid Times (issue 26 : 20-29, 2013). The second was to eastern Australia, as reviewed in this section and discussed in The Tachinid Times (issue 27 : 20-31, 2014).


Click on the links to the left to read about two other trips reported upon within this section: John Stireman's trip to Ecuador in 2012 and Jim O'Hara's trip to Arizona (USA) in August 2013.


Preparations are underway for a trip to Guyana in late spring of 2014.


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