Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics (MSc)

The MSc program is offered through the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE) and focuses on two major areas of emphasis:

  • Food and agricultural economics
  • Natural resource and environmental economics

The aim of the MSc program is to develop in students a fundamental understanding of economic principles and their application in identifying and solving relevant problems related to food, agriculture, and natural resources. The program also strives to develop appropriate analytical, methodological, and communication skills to enable students to analyze agriculture and resource problems effectively and explain their findings. More details on this program are available through the FARE website.


Meet our grad students

A students smiles while sitting in a chair.

Say hello to Edwige Tia, a master of science student in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph. Her research is related to land issues in rural Pakistan, exploring the structure of land ownership and rental arrangements and how they impact access to land for production purposes.

Meet our faculty

Head shot of a professor.

Say hello to Dr. Alfons Weersink. He is a professor in our Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics. His research is focused on the effects of new technology and government policy on the decisions made by farmers and the resulting effect on agri-food markets and structure.

Admission Requirements

All students entering the Master of Science program must have achieved the University required minimum 70% (B-) average or equivalent. In addition, they are expected to have already taken, the following basic courses:

  • Intermediate level micro- and macro-economic theory (ECON*2310 and ECON*2410 or equivalent)
  • Calculus and matrix algebra with applications to economics (ECON*2770 or equivalent)
  • Intermediate level statistics (ECON*3740 or equivalent).

The Graduate Program Committee examines each application before the student is proposed to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies for admission into the program. Potential students are strongly encouraged to take an undergraduate course in advanced microeconomic theory as preparation for the course work in the MSc.

Application deadline: January 31 of each year for the following September entry.

Degree Requirements

In order to satisfy the degree requirements of the MSc, students will complete successfully six courses, a seminar course, and write and defend an original MSc thesis. The minimum course work requirements (assuming all undergraduate background requirements have been met) are:

  • FARE*6100 [0.50] The Methodologies of Economics
  • FARE*6380 [0.50] Applied Microeconomics for Agricultural Economists
  • FARE*6910 [0.50] Applied Policy Analysis I
  • FARE*6970 [0.50] Applied Quantitative Methods for Agricultural Economists
  • FARE*6800 [0.00] Seminar in Agricultural Economics
  • Two graduate courses as approved by the student's advisory committee

Contact Us

Kathryn Selves
FARE Graduate Program Assistant
519-824-4120, Ext. 52771

Students working in a lab.

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