Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics (MFARE or MSc)

A professor and student sit discussing research.

The MFARE and MSc programs are offered through the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE) and focus on two major areas of emphasis:

  • Food and agricultural economics
  • Natural resource and environmental economics

The MFARE program provides an alternative pathway to graduate education related to the economics of food, agriculture, and natural resources, with an emphasis on skills acquisition and development of industry specific expertise. Through expanded course work requirements, students develop a breadth of exposure to empirical methods and analytical approaches to undertaking policy analysis and research, and enhanced communication skills.

The aim of the MSc program is to develop in students a fundamental understanding of economic principles and their application in identifying and solving relevant problems related to food, agriculture, and natural resources. The program also strives to develop appropriate analytical, methodological, and communication skills to enable students to analyze agriculture and resource problems effectively and explain their findings. 

 More details on these programs are available through the FARE website.

Potential Faculty Advisors

Two ways to complete your degree:

  • MFARE is a course-based degree which requires either course work with a major research paper or course work alone. 
  • MSc is a research-oriented degree which require both course work and a thesis.

How to Apply

Student Profiles

Get a glimpse of a typical day for these grad students in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics. More grad student profiles can be found here

Syer Tazim Haque stands outside.
Syer Tazim Haque
Agricultural Economics
Qin stands with daughter and husband on Johnston Green on husband's graduation day.
Qin Xu, PhD
Agricultural Economics
Head shot of Edwige with an overlaid play button.
Edwidge Tia
Agricultural Economics

Meet the Profs

Say hello to the professors of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics in these 60 second snapshot videos. More faculty videos can be found here.

Head shot of John with play button graphic overlaid.
Prof. John Cranfield
Food Economics & Marketing, Economic History
Head shot of Brady with play button graphic overlaid.
Prof. Brady Deaton
Food Production, Rural Development
Head shot of Alfons with play button graphic overlaid.
Prof. Alfons Weersink
Policy, Farm Structure, Production Economics

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Kathryn Selves
FARE Graduate Program Assistant
519-824-4120, Ext. 52771

Food science student working in a lab.

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