Food Science (M.Sc.)

A student in a lab coat conducts an experiment in a lab.

The objective of this program is to provide graduates with general scientific knowledge as well as a more in-depth understanding of particular aspects of food science. This objective is accomplished through course work and departmental research seminars. Extensive laboratory and technical training is obtained by performing experiments under the supervision of a professor and advisory committee. 

This program is offered through the Department of Food Science. More details on this program are available through the department's website

Potential Faculty Advisors

Application Deadlines

  • Winter semester (January): Accepted until November 1st
  • Summer semester (May): Accepted until March 1st
  • Fall semester (September): Accepted until July 1st

How to Apply

Head shot of Brock.

Meet Brock, food science student

"Upon experiencing research as an undergrad, this absolutely shaped my decision to further my studies. I decided to pursue research at the University of Guelph because the program offers more than any other food science program." Read Brock's full Q&A here.

Meet the Profs

Say hello to the professors of the Department of Food Science in these 60 second snapshot videos. More faculty videos can be found here. 

Head shot of Art Hill with play button graphic overlaid.
Prof. Art Hill
Dairy Science, Technology
Head shot of Iris Joye with play button graphic overlaid.
Prof. Iris Joye
Cereal Science, Technology
Head shot of Paul Spagnuolo with play button graphic overlaid.
Prof. Paul Spagnuolo

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